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Paddi Moore / No service; denied refund

1 Seattle, WA, United States Review updated:

I purchased a Discover Yourself series of 6 sessions with Paddi Moore and paid immediately via PayPal. The first session was scheduled for two weeks out.

I did some research and then asked Paddi Moore for details of her Vedic Astrology training. She responded by pointing me to her blog which is less than detailed. After a few emails back and forth it became clear that she didn't have the training, background, or skills in Hindu (Vedic) Astrology I needed so I cancelled the first session almost two weeks ahead of time and asked for a full refund. (Yes, I know I should have checked her training and background before paying her so this Life Lesson has been learned.)

She refused the refund and wrote a condescending response insulting my intelligence.

She provided no service whatsoever. I simply changed my mind about working with her and asked for a full refund of the $497 I paid.

I filed a claim with PayPal and Paddi Moore lied in her response telling them that my "download was complete". I did not download anything from her, or her website. She did nothing whatsoever and refused my request for a refund. PayPal doesn't guarantee "virtual, digital, or intangible item, which is not covered under PayPal Purchase Protection. We only cover claims involving physical items that can be shipped and tracked" so my claim was denied.

Paddi Moore is a greedy charlatan and liar.

Anyone thinking of working with her please beware. Don't let her very nice website sway you from doing the research needed when looking for an experienced and well-trained Hindu/Vedic Astrologer.

Aug 30, 2014

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  • Sl
      30th of Aug, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I scheduled a Discover Yourself package with this person and then after checking her background and noting her lack of in-depth Vedic Astrology training with respected and well known Hindu Astrologers, I cancelled the first session almost two weeks in advance and requested a full refund of $497.

    Yes, I should have checked her training prior to paying her; but her website is first class and she promulgates herself well and I was too easily swayed.

    Ms. Moore refused the refund and in a condescending fashion insulted my intelligence. She provided no service whatsoever and a refund is due.

    I submitted a claim through Paypal and Paddi Moore responded by saying my "download was complete" - a blatant lie. Paypal ultimately denied my claim because their guarantee doesn't include "virtual, digital, or intangible item, which is not covered under PayPal Purchase Protection. We only cover claims involving physical items that can be shipped and tracked."

    Paddi Moore is a greedy charlatan and liar. Anyone doing business with her should beware.

  • Mk
      30th of Aug, 2014
    -1 Votes

    I looked at her policy on her web site and it is VERY clear. I do not see why you would be expecting a refund.

    From her site:

    I have a no refund policy. You may cancel or your change your booking once you have paid for the service. 48 hours notice is required for a rebooking an appointment. Emergency situations will be honored. Your credit card information will be taken at the time of booking. Appointments that are not respected will be charged full amount.


  • Sl
      30th of Aug, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Yes, I understand that.

    When I said I wanted to cancel and asked her for a refund, her response was insulting. Specifically, she stated "Your point of ethics is what is in question. Your behavior leaves me not at all looking forward to working with you. The contract has been entered into and I will accept the responsibility of helping your understand yourself so that you do not carry on this really sad behavior."

    I understand myself perfectly - I accept responsibility for not checking her background prior to actually paying for six sessions. That being said, not wanting to work with someone does not constitute sad behavior. Trust is the foundation of all relationships and I could never trust someone like Paddi Moore.

    The ethical and honorable thing for her to do is refund my payment of $497 less a reasonable cancellation feel.

    Karma is in play here and what goes around, comes around. Interestingly enough, I received unexpected funds today so that the hardship I felt by her not refunding my payment for services she will not render has been mitigated. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to expose Paddi Moore for the fraud she obviously is.

  • Ju
      12th of Mar, 2015
    +2 Votes

    most astrologers are ### and garbage, they are too greedy, the truth about one's future can never come to them. their minds are deluded by money and nothing else .

  • Pa
      11th of Oct, 2015
    -1 Votes

    One of my illustrious teachers, Dennis Flaherty ( Current president of the American Council of Vedic Astrologers), once told me, “ you are nobody until somebody hates you”. I admire him for his offhanded, but potent messages. In this case, his teaching comforts me.
    It is with great reluctance that I write this piece but after a few years and the persistence of this woman, whom I have never met, and at the advise of a successful blog writer, I will finally respond.
    A few years ago Shawnna Connolly contacted me with regards to purchasing a series of readings from me. We had a couple of short conversations, which I feel went perfectly normal. I never charged her for my time. I certainly never tried to push her or convince her that she needed to take these readings, as this is not my style, rather I answered her questions politey and openly. She seemed happy and went forward and purchased a package of readings over paypal.
    Because this is going back over a year now, I do not recall exactly if it was the next day or a few days later, I received a scathing insulting email from her saying that she had changed her mind and wanted her money back. Her reasoning was that I had not studied with any recognized teachers and was a charleton.
    My immediate reaction was to believe that she was under duress and needed some comfort, as she had been so lovely on the previous few telephone conversations, so I called her. I explained that I had studies with almost all of the most successful astrologers in North America both western and eastern, and that I would not be voted to sit on the board of directors of the American Council of Vedic Astrologers(which is not a paid position) if I was not properly educated and recognized in my field.
    In fact, she continued with the insults to the point of slander and posting lies on the Washington Complaints Board site. When she refused the offer to take the readings, I explained that I had a no refund policy. Normally I am more than generous, but because of her continual insistence at complete ill founded degrading insults and lack of reason, I told her I would uphold my policy. ( Note: if she had been kind and respectful I would likely have refunded her).
    Now this woman has gone out of her way to put up an internet presence of slander towards me. I find no recourse now but to defend my position. Also to this end, I am putting up a page on my site of all of the great Masters and Gurus with whom I have studied.
    I bare no malice towards this troubled woman, and hope she eventually finds better things to do with her time.
    Without prejudice.
    Paddi Moore

  • Sl
      11th of Oct, 2015
    +2 Votes

    I feel no malice toward Ms. Moore; how could I feel malice toward someone I do not know?

    I stand by my original post which clearly spells out the circumstances and timeline. At the time I scheduled the package of sessions with her, my only nephew and sister passed away quite unexpectedly and I was struggling emotionally. During this time, I made the mistake of not checking her background prior to scheduling the series of appointments and paying her promptly in full. That was my mistake which I own and fully acknowledge.

    Once I realized that her background was less-than I expected, I cancelled the first session a full two weeks in advance and respectfully asked for a refund. Her response was to question my intelligence and refuse. I have given her many opportunities to do what is right. You see, I believe in karma and I know our paths crossed for this very reason. She can still do what is right and refund my payment for scheduled services I cancelled a full two weeks in advance of the first session. Once the refund is received, I am happy to remove my blog post about her (www. and follow up this complaint appropriately.

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