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Packer Family Dentistry / Poor dental work/No customer service

1 Havre de Grace, MD, United States Review updated:

I went into the dentist to have a crown put on, and as is usual procedure, they made a temporary crown that was suppose to last two weeks. It fell off while I was eating that evening. When the permanent crown arrived two weeks later, they apologized that the temp had fallen off, but assured me that the permenant crown would last much longer (years). The permanent crown fell off the same evening that it was put on. I returned to the dental office, and they told me that the crown was broken, and recommended a solid gold crown...more waiting...temp crown fell off again after just 24 hours. The gold crown arrived a couple weeks later, and after beging permanently cemented on, fell off the next morning.

I decided enough was enough, and went to a different dentist. The dentist examined the crown, and informed me that Dr. Packer had grinded a hole in the crown while trying to make a poorly fitting crown, fit. He showed me the hole and informed me that I would ultimately need to get a new crown made. This would be paid for entirely out of pocket since insurance only covers one every 7 years. I contacted Dr. Packer and asked for a refund. Once they learned the nature of my request, they were difficult to reach, and I was never allowed to speak with anyone but the secretary from then on...still haven't. They refused to give me enough for a new crown, and after countless attempts, phone calls, and them confirming their own incompetence with the new dentist, they agreed to give me a 50% refund, and told me that they would give me an additional $250 when they recieved a refund from the comapny that made crowns (since I had given them back the old crown that didn't fit). After the refund came in, they refused to provide any additional refund. During the phone call, the secretary walk herself into several lies, and when I pointed it out, she told me that she was done with me, and hung up the phone. Beyond that, she won't take my calls, and Dr. Packer refuses to speak to me...even after several requests for an in person meeting.

It actually gets worse... My wife and both decided that it would be best to use the new dentist who is great, and apparently went to school on "Crown Cementing" issues at all with the new crown. The dentist took x-rays of my wifes mouth and showed her on the x-ray where the cavities that had been filled (just weeks earlier by Dr. Kimberly Packer), were not done correctly, andhad to all be our expense. My wife was flabergasted, but had no choice but to agree. It should be noted that my wife was a dental assistant and office manager for several years, and agreed 100% with the dentist after she saw the x-rays.

My hope in writing this compaint is that anyone considering using Dr. Kimberly Packer of Havre De Grace, MD reconsiders their options. There are several great dentists in the area, but Dr. Packer isn't one of them. Don't be fooled (as I was) by the high tech office, and fancy lobby. If Dr. Kimberly Packer can't fill a cavity or cement a crown on correctly, then none of the other stuff matters. I have taken steps to report the issues with the Maryland Dental Board (licensing agency), and MD Association of Dentists(peer review agency)...we'll see what happens...

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  • Co
      19th of Mar, 2010
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    I emailed you. I didn't scroll down to see I could comment here :)

  • Re
      10th of Nov, 2010
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    Was there any actions taken by the Dental Board or association since you had x-rays to show the inferior work as you claim? It has been over one year since this complaint was filed.

  • Ha
      7th of Jul, 2011
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    I wish to God that I had read this before. My entire family has had horrible treatment by this dentist, which we only found out AFTER we changed dentists due to her constantly canceling appointments. My youngest son, she placed sealant on his molar, over top of existing cavities, which were not found until we changed dentists. My son now has deep cavities in his molars due to this woman's incompetence. I went for my regular 6 month cleaning at my new Dentist, to find out 3 of my fillings were loose, and apparently had been for some time, and all 3 molars now had deep cavities below the fillings.
    Lastly, my oldest son had broken his front tooth years ago. After his braces were removed, I wanted him to have veneers done, but first Dr. Faker (!) said that he had to have a gingivectomy, then he needed to see the pediatrician about his adenoids (who said there was nothing wrong), then she said he was a mouth breather at night (HE"S NOT) and that he needed to see an allergist (who said there's nothing wrong!) Then she wanted me to have both my kid's wisdom teeth removed, when they both say that the wisdom teeth aren't bothering them. Then she wanted to sell me Rx toothpaste and mouthwash...oh and BOTOX. It's always something else with this woman. I have prided myself on good oral hygiene and regular dental visits my whole life, and in a year and a half, this woman has ruined my family's dental health. Worst Dentist on the planet. I said it, so sue me if you don't like it, it's all true.

  • Ev
      3rd of Oct, 2011
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    Oh no. I have an appt with her because I was unhappy with another dentist. I'm cancelling my appointment. As far as the original complain, I would not try to communicate further with phone calls - only certified letters. Actually, I would sue in small claims court.

  • Co
      23rd of May, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I was a former patient who was also a dental assistant for 14 years before i became a nurse. There are several severe professional issues at Dr Packers office. I know that her dental assistant thinks she is a "dentist" and performs several duties that are illegal for a DA to do like sealants on chilDren and much more dangerous treatments. She doesn't even have her expanded functions CDA and she thinks she is equal to a dentist. I know she only has her radiology license and her mom the "office manager" bragged about much she knows and how she doesn't need her license because its not really needed. The OM is very nice but has a mean nasty side that comes out easily. I watched her snap at the little girl front desk assistant twice while waiting for my appointment along with yelling out peoples names all over the office like she was yelling out to her kids for dinner. The OM said that the assistant could clean teeth and do everything a dentist can because degrees are worthless and would not make her any smarter since she is sooo smart. Well I worked hard for my degree and know for a fact that it makes a difference! My brother in law is a dentist in southern Md. and he agrees with me. The reason I"m upset is because I know as a nurse that only a Dr can diagnosis treatment and disease! The DA was "helping" the dentist and diagnosed my xray and started printing and SIGNING RX scripts for me before the Dr saw me! Dr Packer was really nice and very personable but I was nervous about a dentist that let's unlicensed employees do thinks they are not trained to do even though it's her only DA
    in the office. I was so let down about my experience because I really loved the Dr and the office is beautiful.

  • Al
      8th of Oct, 2014
    -1 Votes

    When I go my teeth cleaned, they just used a scaler, not an untrasonic cleaner which is standard in today's practices. When I asked about the ultrasonic cleaner, they said that it isn't necessary. I thought that was a lot of crap because every dentist I ever went to in New Jersey used one. Dr. Packer is chronic talker and the chatting between her and her DA is more than excessive. No one cares about their personal crap and she should stay focused on what she's getting paid to do. I think she really has a screw lose and needs some serious counseling. So, we stayed with her for 6 months and that was enough. She needs serious oversight.

  • Na
      28th of Jul, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Yes. I too had a terrible and shady experience. In April of 2015 I went in for a cleaning as a new patient. The office is very clean, top notch, over the top well kept...very pleasant. The woman doing my cleaning and "dental exam" was not. She was very coarse, cold, tactless and matter of fact. She did not introduce herself to me but ordered me in the chair. When asked if I had any "issues" I began to explain that I had some rough spots on previous fillings that could use some smoothing out as they were catching floss and shredding it. I was quickly scheduled to have that worked out a few days later.
    When I arrived for my appointment I asked " what are you doing today to me?" and I was told that fillings were going to be done. I had never imagined that they were going to RIP OUT PERFECTLY GOOD FILLINGS to replace them with new ones! That is exactly what happened. When asked why they had to be replaced, their answer was " oh don't worry your ins company pays for new ones every 2 years"... I was shocked. Shortly after, I was stricken with terrible pain and fever in not just the teeth that were worked on, but all my teeth! I was given a follow up appointment, antibiotics, and pain meds if I had wanted them (but I was breast feeding so I declined). I was quickly referred to a root canal specialist...she had no answers to why I was still hurting.
    This all felt very shady to me. I researched and found out as much as I could about fillings, dentin, root canals, and shady dental practices...armed with knowledge and a new advocate for my own dental health I went to this " root canal guy". I may add that when appointment reminder phone call came through for me from his office...the woman immediately asked how many root canals I was going to need so she could give me an out of pocket price for my visit. I told her none.I had not been evaluated or consulted with yet so that's what I wanted...a consultation appointment only. She was taken back, but agreed to change my appointment to a consult.
    The root canal specialist seamed very interested in who refered me to him, and I asked him if he knew Dr Packer professionally or personally and he responded ..." actually, both". I wanted him to know that I was very upset that my perfectly fine fillings were taken out just to be put back in and now I was in terrible pain, couldn't eat well, drink week, sleep well... long story short: He said I didn't need a root canal, that the dental work had "irritated " (he was very careful not to say damaged) my nerves and they would need 6-8 weeks to start healing and another 6 months to reach full healing.
    Here we are 3 months down the road and that's exactly what happened. I just now am starting to have complete relief from sensitivity and pressure/nerve pain...with the cherry on top that ONE OF THE FILLINGS SHE REDID FELL OUT!
    Frankly, I'm not surprised. Lucky for me I moved out of state and I found an awesome, compitant dentist to refill it. This time, there was no dramatic mouth stretching and commentary from the dentist on " I'm going to try and save this tooth, this is the worst spot for a cavity ever! I'm going to try my best, but you may still need a root canal". This new dentist had no fuss, no drama, said it was not and shouldn't have been an issue filling.
    That leaves me wondering...
    - If the dentin of a tooth is sensitive to moisture and heat why did the student helping Dr Packer drill my teeth know the drill needed more lubrication by saying" its too dry, want me to..." and Dr Packer cut her off and said " no". This all while I can actively smell the heat and a burning smell. Isn't that a sure thing for dentin damage? A sure thing for a root canal?
    - Why would they take out perfectly benign fillings? Is the insurance money that good? Or maybe the referral fee for the root canal specialist that good?

    I will be filing a complaint with the board.

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