Packaging Assistant Employment AdScam

We found an ad for a packaging assistant in the local nickle ads. I sent several e-mails asking detailed questions about the pay structure, my responsibilities, how & when I would be paid, etc. Alex Teeter claimed that it was mostly for people living in other countries that bought things on E-Bay. I searched the internet for Parcel Force and got a website for Parcel Force Worldwide that is one of the largest shipping companies in Great Britain. It stated that they do business with E-Bay. When I thought I had alleviated all of the fears, I agreed to sign the employment contract. I was asked for a copy of my Drivers License. I told him due to the increase in identity theft I did not feel comfortable providing it or my social security number. I instead sent a copy of my electric bill. My friend signed up a week after me, didn't ask any questions and sent a copy of her Drivers License. He was to e-mail us to let us know what packages we would be receiving (the names were the supposed customer - shipped to our address & we were to ship to them). Within a week she had received over 30 packages (all UPS or Fed-Ex). She was supposed to let him know the name on the package and the weight. At that point he e-mailed her a pre-paid shipping label to print out & directed her to go to the US Post Office (only) and mail them. She mailed a few boxes as directed. When I recieved my 1st box I noticed that it was from a Wal-Mart in Ohio and could see a previous shipping label under the current one. When I lifted it up I saw that it had been previously mailed to John Boelin in Prineville, Oregon. Someone then put a label on with John Boelins name at my address. This immediatedly set off a red flag in my head. It didn't make sense. Prineville is 8 hours from me. I sliced open the tape on the bottom of the box & opened it to find a Canon digital camera valued at $300. I closed it back up & told my friend what I discovered. She then opened a few of hers. They all contained either Laptop Computers of Digital Cameras. We took all of it to the local Sheriff's department who then had it on the front page of the newspaper declaring it a scam. It was then turned over to the FBI, who questioned me, my friend and several other people in town that were duped. With any luck the FBI will find that dirtbag and put him in jail where he belongs!!!


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