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Package deal / Do not answer their phone calls on free 3 days cruise.

1 United States
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I got a call from a surveing company to ask me questions about a magazine. Since I decided to be nice, I answered their questions.
Then, they swiched me to someone who says : " I just won a free cruise for answering those questions." I thought: " wow. this is a promotion. great!"
They verified my mailing address and decided to send me some free vouchers for the cruise. I thought to myself, this cannot be true, so I literally ask the sales rep there " Is this a scam? What is going behind this?" The rep answered in good faith: " no mam, this is just to promote our cuise etcc..."
So, I got another call confirming that I needed to pay aroudn $400 and $200 for two peole and get a free car and free food for one week and be on the cruise.
Note: " from them saying it's free to you have to pay.***
So, I still thought to myself, if they are upselling me on other stuff, it's ok. Paid the money.
After I figured that I cannot trave out of the U.S, I asked them to refund my money. Instead, they said they will just give me free hotel room instead of the 2 days on the cruise. FINE!

When we got to Florida, I was litearally forced to pay $40.00 to go to some scamming hotel or house rentals where I have to be there for 5 hours or more. Yet, when I asked how long: " they answered 1 hour maximum." They schedule another one in another city where they send you.

To make long story short, this practice should be considered "illegal". The way the whole business is set up is to screw people. And if they can screw you even more, they will ask for more of your money.

If you get a call from this company, JUST HANG UP!


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