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Complaint Summary:

The short version is that I have paid Pacific Steel Buildings $12, 823, and never received a building. I have filed a lawsuit in an effort to recover my payment. Several web sites include similar complaints from other customers, so this does not appear to be a unique occurrence.

I highly recommend that consumers stay away from this business, and find another steel building vendor.

Complaint Details:

After continual delays, countless excuses and poor communication, my building was still not delivered more than a year after the required payment.

I submitted very clear, well defined and dimensioned illustrations of all four side elevations, as well as floor and roof plans. More than once, PSB design drawings were returned with errors (end-walls reversed, light panels incorrect, doors and windows misplaced, etc.). I replied with corrections and clarifications on numerous occasions.

PSB has claimed various email-related problems on at least five occasions.

When we originally designed our 20'x30' building in early 2011, it was for two specific purposes: primarily to provide shop space and general storage; additionally, it would serve as a temporary living space for approximately one year during construction of a new home on the property.

Initially, the new house was designed and sited in such a way that it required the removal of the existing mobile home where we currently live. When the Pacific Steel Building (PSB) contract was signed in May 2011 (first 25% paid), we anticipated the building would be erected by or before summer 2012 at the latest, in time for us to move in before construction began later in the fall. At the time, this seemed like a reasonable expectation. We had the slab for the building poured in October 2011.

Over the first several months, there were repeated delays in completing the design and plans for the building. These were apparently caused by difficulties with a new design software application implemented by Outback Buildings Inc. (the CEO of Outback later told me that he was "not aware of any great delays due to the change in software.").

To initiate the building order, I sent the second payment (next 50% paid) in Nov 2011. It became apparent that we would not have the metal building erected prior to the anticipated construction date. However, we were able to shift the site of the new home enough to let us continue to occupy the existing mobile home during construction.

Because of this delay in receiving the building, we would no longer need it as a temporary residence; as a result, we no longer needed the 13' high walls that were originally designed to accommodate a loft space.

Since the building had not yet been sent to the manufacturer, in June 2012 we requested to have the wall height reduced from 13' to 10'.

This understandably required an adjustment in the cost and contract, as well as a delay of several months (June-Dec 2012) to have the plans reengineered, then reviewed by the county planner.

In Jan 2013 I was told, "I'll send them the information so they can order the building."

After no further communication for six weeks, I emailed asking for the status of the building. Responses were vague and confusing, although I was told "...I am trying to pay at this point it should be about 3-4 weeks. But I have to come up with the rest of the money."

From that point forward, it was apparent that PSB simply did not have the funds to have our building manufactured. We attempted work with Outback Buildings over several weeks to resolve the issue, but ultimately nothing came of it.

Our relationship with PSB concluded in January 2014 with a lawsuit in an attempt to recover the amount paid.

Mar 27, 2014

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