Pacific Sales / samsung refrigerator rf24fsedbsr/serial#w65043bda00171e

Purchased 10/31/2013 Pacific Sales Huntington Beach with Warrantech 5 yr. warranty til 11/07 2018.
Service call 10/16/14 water leak
Service call 4/20/16 frost clogged icemaker
Service call 7/18/16 Motor/ fan noise
7/22/16 replace sensor
1/30/'7 motor noise again-Warrantech called --no show by technician.
3/1/17 returned from vacation - ice cube maker not functioning again and ice on the unit. I removed ice myself with blow dryer. Still working at this moment.
3/2/17 I noted milk and was souring and thought it may have been poor store product. Refrigerator was registering 34 degrees!
3/12/13 checked temp om refrigerator which registered 34 degrees. Used my own thermometer in the frig. which read 50 degrees . 3/13/2017 called Warrantech AGAIN.Will be here today. Food spoiled again!!!
I consider this spoiled this to be more than a technical problem because the refrigerator was registering 34 degrees when in fact it was 50 degrees . This is a health problem because now you know you are knowingly exposing my family to possible food poisoning with Staph, listeria and other organisms. I had spoke to the manager at Pacific Sales H.B. last year and Samsung yesterday with no satisfaction regarding a replacement. I don't care if the replacement cost less, I just want one that keeps my food at a safe temperature. I will also be more than happy to use old fashioned ice cube trays rather than this troublesome automatic ice maker.
Thank you for your attention to my problem. If you feel I am addressing this in the wrong fashion and should contact an attorney please let me know.
Thomas Besley M.D.

Mar 15, 2017

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