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Pacific Beach Veterinary Clinic


Over charged - bad service

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Pacific Beach Veterinary Clinic
San Diego, California
United States
We did not like Pacific Beach Veterinary Clinic in Pacific Beach Cal at 1362 Garnet Ave, SD Ca, 92109. We were taken advantage of by this Vet ( Dr. Hoolihan ). I have made a formal complaint aganst this Dr and the clinic with the Veterinary licensing board California. I was told that there were a number of complaints on them on just that particular subject - Overcharging! We brought our dog in to the clinic oand was quoted $150. Dr. Hoolihan said that if there was anything else they had to do would contact us. They never called us and when we went in to pick him up they said the charges came to $489.44. My wife tried to explain that the Dr. H had quoted $150 but the receptionist said he had left for the day and that we would have to pay the full amount. Then they charged us an extra $60.00 because they said they forgot to charge us this amount the last time we were there? We couldn't believe this but felt that we had to pay or we couldn't take our dog home. The receptionist was off the chart sarcastic and mean to my wife. I am trying to get my credit card to reverse the charges but it's not the money .. I am just really mad at this place and what they did to my wife. My dog didn't seem to be better after a few days and we had him looked at by somebody else. I want to complain about them and I want people to know that Pacific Beach Veterinary Clinic in Pacific Beach Cal is a terrible terrible place and I would not recommend them in any way, shape or form. There are a few other Vets in PB and you can easily take them there. Good luck ~
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D  22nd of Oct, 2009 by    -1 Votes
The gentleman is categorically a liar.

Given that his WIFE approved an initial office visit and radiographs/xrays which total over $200, not sure why we would quote $150. She was told to expect a minimum of $250-300 to start.

Like we need to make our life that difficult.

First amendment is valid even for crazy people though.

I feel bad for his wife, who is clearly in a difficult relationship, likely abusive relationship...
N  4th of Mar, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I, too have received very bad service from Pacific Beach Veterinary Clinic at 1362 Garnet Ave, Pacific Beach, CA 92109. As far as I know, I haven't been overcharged for any particular visit, but I'm quite sure they tried to get me to agree to having my pet X-rayed every month when he didn't need it, but it would sure have bumped up their bottom line at over $300 per X-ray.

However the attitude of several people there is sarcastic, entitled, and condescending. Especially one of the receptionists, whom I think is also the Office Manager, named Kat. She has yelled at me on the phone, been extremely sarcastic to me in person, and while I was there, also complained about another client whom she had to call about something she thought was going to be a difficult experience, saying that the client was going to be a pain in the *ss, and that because she was a breeder, she was always difficult. Interestingly, she made the call while I was there, within earshot, and the client couldn't have been nicer. While she was surprised that the call went easily, Kat didn't change her tune about the client. She still made derogatory comments after the call was over -- right in front of me, ANOTHER CLIENT. Does she understand that we provide the cash flow that pays her salary? And that being horrible doesn't make others respond nicely back?

A few weeks later is when she yelled at me on the phone. As I said, there are a few people there who are out of control, but Kat is the worst, and I'm sure she's the influence for the rest. I stopped going there after about 3 appointments because of the awful atomosphere she creates. If the job is too stressful for her and that's why she's so mean and inappropriate, she should get another where its less stressful and/or she isn't working directly with other people so she's not taking out her anger on them. I hope she's not that way with the animals in the back. I wasn't going to chance it.

As for PB Vet Clinic's response to the first comlaint above, it is awful, abusive, but sadly expected. It's the exact off-the-charts sarcastic, assumptive, attacking response I'd expect -- Kat probably wrote it.

I've heard that a new vet bought the practice. Hopefully he'll either put her in her place, or fire her. She lost my business -- and not matter how much you dislike a client, unless they abuse their pet or staff, they are money for the practice, and you deal with them. It's your JOB as the Office Manager. And you don't complain in front of other clients about them. It's sure she's lost other clients this way, and with her attitude alone.

It seems they have enough business anyway, so the new owner probably doesn't care. This usually trumps everything. What it is going to take for her to mature, if she's kept around, is the big question. She expects clients to be perfect but she remains totalaly imperfect when she abuses in return no matter what one's demeanor.

I would NEVER EVER take my pet there again, based on the veterinarian's bogus recommendation to get monthly X-rays for my pet (debunked by two subsequent vets), and Kat's attitude. Good vets are out there other than at this office, and they don't have Kat. That's the advantage of going to other good vets, and it's TOTALLY worth it. No one needs that kind of abuse when they're worried about a beloved animal, and she proved who she is in the response above.

Don't put yourself through it.
D  23rd of Mar, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I have used PB Vet Clinic for my animals' care for over 20 years, and have never experienced an ounce of rudeness or unkindness of any sort. My animals are always relaxed and happy when I pick them up. They aren't stressed during exams, either. Office visits are easy to schedule, and the staff is always friendly and respectful.

My animals (four cats and a dog) have had all kinds of weird conditions, which PB Vet Clinic veterinarians and staff have successfully resolved. As for pricing, I trust them, so I haven't priced other vets. Quality care is more important to me than getting a bargain on my pets' care. Prior to finding this clinic I had horrible experiences with other local area vets, including one nearly costing me my cat's life, as well as permanently laming another cat with a bad leg casting job.

It's unfortunate that these people have had negative experiences. I have recommended PB Vet Clinic to friends numerous times. If my friends had negative experiences, I would definitely have heard about it. Instead, I heard glowing reports.

I am grateful for the great service and fantastic care my animals receive from PB Vet Clinic. In addition, we've been through heart-wrenching decisions together, and I, and my family, always felt taken care of, as well.

Cosmo, Kitty, Comet, Astro, and Rusty's mom
D  9th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
I'm sorry you guys felt the service at this clinic was not good. I don't know what to say - we have been coming here for over 20 years, as well. Actually I was just filling out a form to get another dog (and needed the vet's address) when I saw this post.

I've never experienced any of the treatment mentioned nor have I ever seen it. In fact, I constantly RECOMMEND this vet to people - especially those with large dogs. I don't know how the prices stack up against other places because I really have been taking my dogs and cats there for years - even when I lived in San Francisco and we'd come down - we'd do the dog's annual then, too. And my family is local and we've have a **bazillion** cats, probably 8 or more dogs, and - oops - I guess that's it as far as this vet. Anyway, when we started at this vet, Dr. Corrigan owned it. She was a great vet. She saw my Newfoundland Beast when she was just a puppy. During Beast's life, she retired. When Beast had finally become so ill that she had to be put down, PB Vet offered to send someone TO OUR HOUSE to do the deed. So we got Beast all pumped up with fluids and comfortable, treated her symptoms and let her spend her last day in the house. She was happy. And she didn't have to get up. When the vet arrived, it was the normal vet PLUS Dr. Corrigan had heard about it and came along with the other vet. Beast was SO happy to see Dr. Corrigan, she wagged her tail and was all excited. This clinic was so good, my dog used to get EXCITED to go there and freak out. Her final moments were made good (and even improved, in the dog's opinion) because of the kindness of the staff of this vet clinic and even one of the vets COMING OUT OF RETIREMENT to come to our house gratis. When the dog died, both vets cried.

Flash forward to last week. My service dog Reilly (also a Newf) was 9+ years old and had come down to liver failure finally. PB Vet tried to save her in many ways including asking me to rush her in 15 minutes before closing so they could see her on an emergency basis cause she was failing. Her platelettes count was 13, 000 out of 200, 000 and she was starting to spontaneously bleed, she had liver failure, her abdomen was filling with fluid and interfering with her breathing. We'd tried to stop it all but it's like the warantee had run out and EVERYTHING was breaking down at once. You fix one thing and this whole other problem emerges. I made the decision to put her to sleep. It sucked. Both the vet and vet tech ended up crying.

Look, these are not people who are in it for the money. I mean, I dunno about Dr. Hollihan (the only guy vet at the place) cause I never had him. But the front desk staff, the doctors, the vet techs, everyone has been great each and every time we have been in there. The ONLY vet in San Diego that I would recommend more highly for dogs and cats is the Emergency Animal Hospital on Morena (the one inland is pretty good too). I have been to them all - we had operations or procedures over the years for our dogs and cats - ABC, Morena Animal Hospital, the Avian guy (above the Emergency joint in Mission Valley - he rules BTW), one whose name I intentionally forgot on Park, Kensington Vet Clinic on Adams 3 blocks from my house (don't even get me started - they turned us away during business hours for a 5 inch laceration. "oh we won't CHARGE you for this visit!" Oh - gee, I didn't get YOU anything!), Dr. Schecter in UC (he is pretty good too), and a bazillion others good and bad and we go - for the big dogs - to Pacific Beach Veterenary Clinic.

Eleonor England ( you can google me if you want)
D  9th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Oh I forgot to mention, my mom took one of the Great Pyrenees to PB to get her knee and hip fixed after she had had a bad hip issue and was subsequently operated on (TWICE) and made worse by the other vet whose name I on-purpose forgot on Park. PB salvaged her and she lived to be 7, but she woulda had to be put down if they hadn't stepped in just then.

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