PA Human Relations Commissiona / Discrimination

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I had an issue with a school that miss treated me PENN FOSTER and EDUCATION DEPT. CHAIRMAN RUSSELL DAY. I filed a formal complaint with Scranton, PA BBB, Human Relations Commission of PA, and the Attorney General of PA with agent John Dunn, Human Relations Commission's Educations department Martin Kearney [protected] also miss treated me and did not do anything to resolve the issue with Penn Foster. He gave me a Lawyer Allen Kylle whom treated me disrespectfully as well. Not really conserned with any regards to my situation or making any real attempts to help get it resolved in any fairness. All of them just jumped my case as if I deserved whatever happened without giving any benefit of a doubt to me. Anyone out there that blames someone without any probable cause because of someone else said something online about them is not right and it is against the law instelf to force someone to testify against themselves not just the person being forced upon would be wrong but also the people that are forcing the person to accept a lie is also in the illegal. The people that are forcing me to accept a lie would be at most the fault for violating the 4th and the 5th amendments! I know I was innocent of a crime that was committed upon me by other school, law and government officials. Then now everyone is still saying I lied against the government officials that lied to me and abused me first! I am not going to take anymore abuse from the ignorant masses that force a lie on someone for no reason! If you do not know the person or what really happened don't accuse falsely as that could come back to haunt those that are forcing me to believe the consipiracy against me! All I want is justice! And I know that I am not alone in this! Big government officials schools official, law enforcement all get away with murder and blame other innocent people to cover up their dirt! Just look up Kids for Cash case, took place right here in PA. What about Judge Barsse the drug dealer, what about the Prostitution, the gambling, and miss use of bail bond money to put innocent people in jail to collect bail bonds and or to let hard core criminal loose because of bail bond money. The greed and corruption of governments everwhere is all arround us! Yet innocent people like myself and many other have suffered their greed manipulation, control, the abuse! Where is our rights, our JUSTICE? For as long as we the people stands so do the rights of the constitution! The very people that made these constitutional rights do not allow us these right or let us vindicate our innocent in any way but degrade us violently and humiliate us and shatter our hearts and spirits when we try to protest their abuse aginst us! The light is the only way out for me! Darkness does not control me! I will never degrade myself to this kind of corruption but I am glad that I fought hard for something I blieved in TO STOP GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION!!! AND I WILL NEVER STOP FIGHTING AGAINST IT!!! This battle is over now for me. But I shall continue on to give hope to others that suffer this same wrath such as I did !

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