p7-1512 / hp staff imbedding malware in my computer tom extort money for repairs

1 Washington, DC, United States

Three (3) days after purchasing a desktop computer from Micro Center. I purchased a Gear Head 5MP webcam to install to be able to share time with my classmates in online discussions. It did not work. (I was going to purchase a Logitech brand but the sales person recommended the cheaper Gear Head). On trouble shooting it. It was suggested that I install a USB 2.0 port. The system had USB 3.0.
The following day I was in the neighborhood of Micro Tech and decided to check in for advice. Instead I purchased an HP webcam, but it did not specify windows 8 ready. The store rep did not know if it would work. I Called HP to ask if I needed a driver (As their support ad is all over the Win * desktop. The representative asked for control of my desktop. I began by telling him it was not necessary.. "I would download it if it was there." The rep.. Said he had to do it for it to work. I again insisted that its not recommended to give over remote access to everyone.. I indicated that the desktop was only 3 days old and 97% of the devices was unused and available. I wanted the device to work to catch-up with my school work. After installing the device he asked to run as scan on the computer because I answered "yes" when he asked if I had downloaded any software from the internet.
Shortly after running the scan he told me that my computer had some very serious infections. "These.are registry infections and only an HP authorized Representative have the codes to repair it" ... "It would cost $199.99 US Dollars to fix. .. It would take too longa long time to fix on the phone."... I laughed and told him that the only download I made was of a You-tube downloader for which I received no warning from the installed security suite (Norton). He insisted that that was not enough defense against what was there and then proceeded to show me a report indicating that Microsoft program installation did not have the appropriate extensions..
Eventual as I refused to cave into his insistence and told him I was cover by my warrantee to return the computer ...he threatened that he is "Writing in the file and I will not be able to return the computer.. .. HP will not accept it. You damaged your computer and you have to pay to fix it" ... I had to tell him I live in the USA and we have Customer Rights here. I refused to pay and refused to be EXTORTED.
To Whom do I complain now to get him FIRED?

Mar 14, 2013

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