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1 Leicester England East Midlands, United Kingdom

I got complaint against edrems. Recently I booked my flights tickets with them and I’ve been overcharged by sales department. On 9th I made provisional flights bookings with edrems from Birmingham to Mumbai but I didn’t buy tickets, as flights price was too high £2800.61. Couple of days later flight price was decreased so on the 11th July 2016 I rung edream travel agent and booked my tickets with them. Agent Rahul confirmed my flights details and straightway took out amount of £2800.61 from my debit card. In fact the day and time he took payments that time flights tickets price was £2073.10. he has mis-sold/mislead and over charged me and took £2800.61 instead of £2071.10. Couple of hours later I checked on their website and found out actual flights price was 2073.10 not 2800.61. same time I took screenshots of fare on my ipad and I called straight to customer services and raised complain. Also made request to call back from Manager unfortunately manager didn’t call.

I made several phone calls to chase and explained them I have been overcharged £800 for the same flights tickets, mis-sold and mislead. Unfortunately no positive response from edream customer service. On the 12th July 2016 I spoke to customer service manager supervision (Jansi, Kunal) first they refused to refund me but after speaking with manager who promised me that if I send email the screenshots of price difference they will get difference back from airlines. Straight after work I sent email with screenshots, which prove that the air ticket was £2073.10 not 2800.61. Second day I received reply that “As the pricing was displayed to you before you selected your flight and again before you committed to ‘Buy It Now’ regrettably, we are unable to refund you any of these charges” I called again and spoke with supervisor Mr Jasmit Singh. I have to repeat everything to him. He wasn’t listening to me and just refused, and things were going round and round. I asked him to cancel my tickets and refund me. He refused and said tickets is non refundable or cancelable. He put me on hold for nearly hour. So far I was on the phone hours and hours unfortunately no resolve the matter. Finally I asked for address to take legal action he refused to give and said Google it. The supervisor wasn’t very helpful with me and I asked for manager didn’t passed my call and cut it off.

eDreams is a nightmare. They attract you with cheap prices and add extra taxes without any clear information!!!

Jul 21, 2016

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