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We are a small engine repair shop and we took on repairing a 1981 Suzuki SP500 dirt bike. I realize that with the age of this dirt bike that I would be dealing with salvage yards and online auction sites. The original gas tank was cracked so we were on the hunt for a used, but useable gas tank for this dirt bike. We searched Ebay and did see a few gas tanks but they were beyond help or not acceptable to us for $80.00. These tanks were either smashed or had several cracks in them. We are located in Olathe, Ks. We did find OZ Power Sports in Ottawa, Ks. and they did tell us that there resources and could get us a used gas tank with cap and mounting grommets that would fit our application, so we ordered it. Oz Power Sports also told us that our receipt would be in the box when the gas tank was delivered. Well, the gas tank finally arrived, no receipt, no mounting grommets and a smashed gas tank. Just like the one we found on Ebay. He also charged us $295.00 when I could have purchased the samething off Ebay myself for $80.00. I had called OZ at least 3 times and finally received a receipt via email 29 days after the initial purchase. We called OZ Power Sports (which is closed on Mondays and closed for different tech schools and etc.) almost 2 months after the initial purchase and explained to him that this tank was smashed, and we received no mounting grommets. He explained to me that he had a 30 return policy (industry standards are 7 days) and that we could not return the tank because we were out side of the 30 day return limit. The date on the receipt of the day we ordered this smashed tank was 10/24/2014. We received the receipt via email on 11/22/2014. I called him on 12/16/2014. After he told me how to run my business and that I need to fire my employees because he said that he had explained the 30 day return policy to them (which I don't think happened at all), he refused to give me my money back. When purchasing this gas tank, my employees had quizzed OZ Power Sports on warranty and returns, and Oz Power Sports told them that if we did not like the tank we could return it, and that this tank would be in good condition (no time restrictions were mentioned at all). Just FYI, the receipt that I received 29 days after purchase says no returns or refunds on used parts. I will never use this company again. I think that everyone needs to be aware of this business.

OZ Power Sports

Dec 16, 2014
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  • Do
      Dec 16, 2014

    Looks like a Suzuki tank. Those are a good brand name. Appears to be solid. What's your complaint again?

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