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I was a patient at the center in March. I met a fellow male patient there, Randy Wallace. This mans ex girlfriend has been saying that she called several times to the center and the nurses told her personal things about me as well as telling her that she was being set up by mr. Wallace and myself. This is a complete lie, and I cannot imagine why these nurses would say such. I have, by the way, filed a HIPPA complaint against my counselor there, mrs. Barbara cox. On the day of family day, my mother and daughter was told that I met a man there. Mr Wallace and I were just friends at the center. We have since become more than friends, but at the time my family was told this, it was completely unfounded. My daughter stated that mrs dee meux insinuated that mr Wallace and I were more than friends. There is also a great push to send their patients to sober living after treatment, so much so, that they lie and manipulate. Mr Wallace was told by our counselor that his probation officer, from a dui, was pushing for sober living. Upon his release, mr Wallace questioned this and the officer knew nothing of sober living. These counsellors lie, they manipulate, and they violate privacy. This treatment center did more harm than benefit. I feel they push for sober living, their sober living, for financial gain. This facility has acted in a very unprofessional and unethical manner. I fully intend to continue to persue this until it is fully investigated. Thank you for your time.

Jun 13, 2015

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