Oxbridge Realtybreaking mandate, theft and fraud

Warning - oxbridge realty!!!
(our story)

Please share so nobody else is taken by these extremely dishonest people!!!

Be careful when it comes to choosing an estate agent! We have had the misfortune of dealing with cindy lee bruce from oxbridge realty for the past 4 months, having signed a mandate with her to manage the letting of our property in johannesburg. The headaches started pretty much from day one! As our house needed some tlc, we agreed to lower the rent, on the condition that the maintenance could be carried out over time and that we would not get nailed with a big bill upfront. She did not stick to this agreement and at the end of the first month we received a bill of over r20, 000! My wife took over the relationship between cindy and ourselves, as I could not handle dealing with her. Over the next few months, we received about a 3rd of the rent each month, and each month something new came up which required fixing. Yet, she failed to supply invoices from suppliers and proof of payment for the work carried out. The final straw was when she wanted us to pay for the utilities, despite the mandate saying that it was her responsibility to get the money from the tenant and pay to coj. Due to this breach of the terms we were able to cancel the mandate with her. We also decided to have this mess audited. We demanded invoices and proof of payment for the amounts she had deducted from the rent, and she supplied less than half of this to us. She has failed to provide proof of over r15, 000 worth of work carried out. We also noticed that she had been charging vat, and requested she supply us with the vat number. She supplied it, but agreed to refund all the vat to us. She however wanted us to sign an affidavit that we would not take further action against her before she paid us. We refused, because we had already started the process with the estate agents affairs board. She also had agreed, months ago, to return 2 large custom made wood shelves and drop them off at my father-in-law's house, which she still hasn't done. She refunded us some money, but only a small amount of the vat. As it turns out, by cindy's own admission, they do not have a valid vat number, but is refusing to refund us the remaining vat of over r1700!

We will be laying charges against oxbridge realty for fraud and theft and reporting them to sars, as well as updating the estate agents affairs board with the latest vat issue. The principal of the agency, duncan muirhead has failed to even respond to our attempts to contact him, when we repeatedly had to chase the little rent we were paid, which was paid in drips and drabs. I pray no one else ever has the misfortune of dealing with oxbridge realty!

Nov 29, 2018

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