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This company, under several different names, takes advantage of recent college grads by contacting them through posted resumes on career builder and They offer these kids a job as a Sports Director and tell them they would basically be marketing a membership sports website by distributing brochures to Sporting goods stores, sporting events...The idea is that when someone signs up for this website, they punch in an ID number and then the employee gets a portion of the membership fee. There is a "small" fee associated with the printing of the brochures. The fee is never discussed with the potential employee as they make it seem so inconsequential. When the kid agrees that this job sounds good, they get them on the phone and then record the conversation with this type of script: Is your name this...Is your address this...Is the date this...Do you agree to pay Graphics today "nine sixty" for brochures to be printed up (4, 000 at .24 cents a piece). Well, needless to say the kids think they are paying $9.60 rather than the $960.00 that they are charged. This happened to my son and when he realized within 24 hours that he was charged $960.00 he called to report that there must have been a mistake and that he needed to get his money back. Brian, his contact person, told him that it was too late and the brochures had already been printed up. As an aside, my son was leaving on a trip to Europe the next day, a trip that he had been planing for months, the trip was a graduation present from family members and the money he lost to this company was his spending money. Brian told my son that he had used common language and simple math and that my son should have caught the fact that .24 x 4000 = $960.00. I have read several reports online about this company and the script is always the same "nine sixty" rather than $960.00, "nineteen twenty" rather $1920. I heard the tape recorded conversation with my son and they were definitely deceptive, misleading and dishonest. So it's been over a month. no refund, no brochures. They have attempted to allow my son to resign (also part of their script) and get less than half of his money back. We are looking for a full refund. I filed a report with the FTC, the BBB. the local police and my bank. I also filed a rip-off on I want others to be aware. This company had my rip-off removed from the google search engine so that others will not be able to see how they take advantage. Hopefully this posting will help others to steer clear!

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      Jul 13, 2009

    I got scammed by as well. Please send me an email so we can talk and help each other out in resolving thes issues. I am creating a group of all the people who got screwed. No names will be used, and you can give me a fake name if you like. We must all work together so this deceptive company is brought down, and so we all get rightfully refunded. Send anyone screwed by this company or that was given a different name. I will talk to whoever needs help and tell you my situation as well. Email me at[protected]

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