Overland Sweepstake : North American ShoppersSweepstake Scam - Through US Mail

I was sent a letter and a check in the mail (sum of $3, 432.45) from Canada (postage marking). The letter read that it was my final winning notification letter from North American Shoppers Electronic Lottery. It said that I won $100, 000.00 from a total prize money of $75, 000, 000.00. The check was to be used to pay the international clearance fees of $3, 300.00 and the sum of my winnings was not $96, 568.00. It told me to contact my claim agent, Mr. Harrison Scott, within 30 days, at [protected] or [protected] between 9am and 8pm. It also came with a processing form with a claim number, winning number (that did not match the one on the previous sheet) On this form it had wire transfer, check, and draft spots as means of payment. This sheet also had the address for Overland Finance. The North American shopper address was no where to be found on any of the sheets, nor was it actually mentioned other than in the first paragraph of the "award" notice. The check was from a bank in Littleton, CO. It was Colorado Business Bank, N.A. )Littleton Co, 80120, Cobiz Financial, [protected]) It had a check number, routing number and an account number. Also, the back was just like a regular check. I did not take it to the bank to have them look at it because I immediately went on the computer to find out if it is a scam. I am taking it down to the police station monday morning to make them aware of this situation. Many more people in my area (Hudson Valley, New York) may be in my situation.


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