Outreach for Animals / Animal Removal and transport

1 Dayton, OH, United States

This organization along with the state of Ohio removed several elderly big cats and other exotic animals from Tiger Ridge, Ohio. These disgusting group abused and neglected these animals, causing the death of one of these cats with their carelessness. The owner had documents from a judge which should have given him more time to become legal owner. The authorities governing the new laws are refusing to return any communication with owners, which is causing many to be in this situation.

These supposed professional handlers sedated these old animals without inquiring about prior medical history, and ignoring the fact that when you sedate a animal by medical professionals, food and water is withheld for 12 hours. With no thought to the welfare in freezing temperatures, the animals were dragged through the snow to open horse trailers, where they were dumped literally and taken to a state facility, which is nothing more than concrete prison. A black lather died thanks to their negligence.

The founder of course denies all responsibility for this, as if that absolves him for killing that poor panther. The ironic part is the state has to return the animals, but says their vet has health concerns. Where were the health concerns when they negligently stole them from their home!

Feb 2, 2015

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