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Outline / Hello Tune facility activated without my permission

1 India

I am an NRI and I have had bad experiences with mobile service operators in India in the past especially Airtel. The latest and worst is with Airtel so far. This is the second time I feel cheated by Airtel. I find your customer support system through 121 is absolutely hopeless. I reported my problem 5 times atleast and nobody has gotten back to me as verbally promised. I don't know how many 24 hours resolutions has been promised to me.

Right now I am even more displeased that so much of my quality time is getting wasted (to report complaints) just for taking a service to save my time.

I am on a short visit to India and had taken an airtel connection for my cel phone usage. After weeks of using it when I called my own cel phone from another number to locate my handset, I heard an Indian hello tune playing. As I am not the kind who has fancy ring tones or hello tunes loaded on my phones, I was disgusted at the tune and wanted to remove it. I had no idea I was charged for it too. When I asked around, my friends told me that it is usual for airtel to automatically put this facility by looking at the persons background and charge a monthly rental for it. I was angry at hearing this because I felt violated. Nobody has a right to do such a thing without permission. For the next 3 weeks I was trying to find out how to deactivate it. No Airtel booths were doing it for me. Also, an airtel representative who called me for administrative purposes gave me an invalid number and inspite of her promising me to deactivate it, nothing happened.

While I persisted trying to deactivate this service, I was charged Rs. 30 monthly rental by airtel. I happened to ask an airtel representative who recharges for us, the number I can get through to a human representative to talk to at Airtel. When I tried 121. I was promised by first your representative Bijoyce that my rental amount will be reversed back, then the consecutive 3 days I spoke to new representatives repeating the whole story everyday to a Ms. Lakshmi, Mr. Anis, Anish and some more representative who put me on hold and the lines went dead.The second day after my complaints my service was de-activated but till date my amount has not reversed back.

What good is 121 if they keeps me hanging saying my Rs. 30 will be reversed in 24 hours.
It is not about the money. It is about how things like this leaves the consumer feeling cheated. From my experience, looks like airtel is only about fooling people and making money.

Today I don't even know for which other facilities I am going to be charged by Airtel if I stay subscribed to them. I am seriously thinking of discontinuing their 1 year service I took only 1-1/2 months back and go with some other service.

I also have noticed my aged father who only uses his airtel facility to sms me abroad, when I am in the country, he finds his credit has disappeared for no reason.

If my problem is not resolved within the next hour, I am planning to sieze using my airtel and so is my father and sister with her 2 connections. You can be rest assured that we are not going to come back. Also I plan to publish my displeasure with Airtel in the newspaper as soon as possible.

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