Outlier Ventures Operationssome notes

Ok, let me start from saying that the website is well-organized, well-structured.
The team is introduced in a perfect way. If all the funds did the same, it would be great.
The strategy is well-described too, no need to send them your email address to read their conditions.
The portfolio is not big, but not small.
But what would I add? What would I want to see on the website?
An exact address in London. It's the first.
A phone number to get in touch directly. It's the second. Why? I don't want to contact each team member individually. Companies like this should have a dedicated customer support, especially if they have 3 branches in different cities and countries.
They need to enhance the twitter page maintaining. The last update was at the end of October. It's been a month. No news from the company?
In general, it's not bad, but there's always something to improve.

Nov 28, 2018

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