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I purchased a Gucci bag worth £92 and since it doens't have the size listed on the site, I assume that the bag was a medium sized bag, I was shocked to when I received the bag when it was huge, looks like a taveling bag, so I informed this site that I want to return the bag as soon as possible and but they just tell me that it's not worth my hassle to send it back better for me to keep the bag and order another 1 I prefer, but I insisted I want to return it and somehow they just won't give me the address and keeps on insisting I keep the bag, How could I keep it when I can't use it, it's too big for an everyday bag! I am appaled how they could just disregard my request when on their website, returning an item or exchange is not a problem at all. So I suggest all of you people shopping not to shop at this website since this website doesn't stick to the content of the site! They are scamming People!

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