Our Lady seat of wisdom academyliberalism

College is in general liberal catholic; Students are allowed to smoke in campus, many students learn to smoke while attending this college, drinking is also promoted no deterred, students get drunk. There is not activities for students planned by the college Friday-Sunday, This is a very small town, students are really left to themselves in weekends to party, drink and smoke..This college promotes dating, early marriage and natural planning. This college religion class is only and mostly exclusively teaching the erroneous and heretical teachings of Vatican II documents. They do not decorate for Christmas/ season. There is not security guard at all, It is a boring college, some of the classes they do not offer at all. This college is not accredited to be a college, it is not real college, Sorry but I do not recommend this school, my child studied here and was very brain washed.

Jan 21, 2015

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