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They keep calling and hang up when you answer. They do not leave any messages either. I wish they would just stop
Name on called ID is OTO INC [protected].
I'm on the national Do not call registry and have an unpublished number. Why are they calling me?

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  •   Jul 20, 2009

    I agree with this. Its annoying everyday they call hang up leave no message. Who are these people. Can something be done about this?

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  • Ad
      Jul 22, 2009

    Call the # back and it tells you to press 1 if you don't want to be on their call list

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  • St
      Jul 24, 2009

    i've gotten a FEW phone calls from "oto inc' [protected]) and thank GOD for caller ID! we screen our calls and when they call, 1st of all, we have no CLUE who they are! so, we're NOT gonna answer.. then, when it's time to leave a message, they don't! it's so frustrating.. we HAVE our home phone AND our cell phone on the 'DO NOT CALL LIST" but we STILL get CALLS! GGGRRRRR!!! (<-yes, i'm growling there LOL) in anycase, we just let it go... thanks for listening!

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  • Zs
      Aug 04, 2009

    I have received the same call many times only from [protected]. When I did a reverse look up it list it as a cell phone in Phoenix, AZ. We have told them numerous times to stop calling but they continue to call. When I called it back the person that answered said he had no idea who OTO, Inc was and he was calling sprint to find out what was going on. He said he gets at least 10 calls a day of people complaining.

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  • Cl
      Aug 05, 2009

    We too are on the do not call lists, but this doesn't seem to stop solicitation calls to our home or cell phones. OTO, Inc calls us every day and not picking up doesn't stop the calls. Today I looked up the two numbers they have called from [protected] and [protected]) and pressed option one to stop receiving their calls. Maybe this will stop the repeated calls, but I won't hold my breath.

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  • Ba
      Aug 06, 2009

    think they need to increase the penalties for ignoring the do not call list. have picked up this call before, prerecorded message claiming the fbi reports an increase in crime in your neighborhood, and they want to hook you up with a free security system... get a life and quit calling me.

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  • Ro
      Aug 11, 2009

    [protected] is the number OTO Inc shows on my caller ID. It rings and I don't answer unknown names. But when I have picked it up no one at the other end. I have added them to my call rejection list but it will only hold 15 numbers. Must be some sort of automated call system. I have filed a complaint with the National Do Not Call System.

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  • Ju
      Aug 24, 2009

    I am tired of calls from this "company", if it is a company and not just some sleazy individual. I am also tired of all prerecorded calls. You have no opportunity to tell them you are on the No Call List or to get any information on who to file a charge on. What good is the No Call List if it won't stop calls?!?!?!

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  • Ra
      Aug 26, 2009
    OTO INC - Unwanted Telemarketer Calls
    OTO Inc
    New Hampshire
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    This is a telemarketer scam selling burglar alarms and uses Robocalls
    and then live employee calls if you try to repond. Iam on the Do Not
    Call List and will file FTC Complaints as well as OTO Inc has called me
    several times before today and have been warned to never call again.
    Why hasn't the FTC shut this scam artists outift down by now?

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  • Ra
      Aug 26, 2009

    Okay folks if you "press one" repeatedly then OTO Inc will finally put a live person on the
    phone as they did today and I told "Ashley" to never call me again or face legal action and
    Iam on the Do Not Call List. This OTO.Inc uses mutliple telephone numbers for all of its
    phony telemarketer scams so don't buy into them. Where is our FTC or did the FTC go
    on vacation with President Barack Obama or just asleep at the wheel? We need to get on
    to calling, faxing, emails and letters to our two US Senators and Member of Congress to
    ask for a Congressional Investigation into why the FTC isnot doing its job.

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  • St
      Sep 16, 2009

    They call, I answer, they hangup. Or if the answering machine gets it, they leave no message. I can tell it's a live connection, I hear them breathing and talking in the background. I've tried yelling "Stop Calling This Number" before they hang up. Still they call. The OTO Inc number calling us is [protected]. I filed a complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry as well.

    As for calling any of these unsolicited numbers back...BAD IDEA. Some of these calls are hooked up so that if you do call back they grab onto your line somehow and you get billed through the phone company for untold numbers of dollars. I made the mistake one time, my husband pays the bill and never checks it I found out.

    When I needed to check the bill for something one day, found we'd been getting charged 99 cents a month for over a year from this same number! The phone company refused to reverse the charges for more than the one month because we hadn't caught it before.

    The next month the charge was back on the bill. We wound up having to block any and all international phone calls from our service. The calls were coming from Canada. So now we can't call out of the U.S. if we wanted to. But it's either that or take the chance these people get the number and our money.

    These scam artists keep bilking us and we have no protection. Grrrrrrr

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  • Ra
      Jun 22, 2010

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