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Oslo, Norway
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I booked 3 nights accommodation in Oslo at Oslo Apartments, Norway, based on a "Winter Offer" still displayed on their website of 3 nights for 2 (book 3, pay for 2, for bookings in January, which is when I stayed).


Upon return from Norway I found my credit card had been billed for 3 nights, not 2, based on the price I was quoted.

I emailed them and they said "maybe" something could be done (unspecified) and that the offer was normally valid only on some apartments (this is not stipulated on their website). Also, that the offer was valid for bookings made online (which is how I booked). In any case these are retrospectively stated conditions.

To date, a refund for 1 night has not been issued. I would simply request that the offer be honoured and a refund of one night issued.

A lightly abbreviated copy of 3 emails follows in chronological order.

From: Ann
Send: 28 January 2017
To: Oslo Apartments

Dear Oslo Apartments

I recently stayed at Sven Brunsgate 1, apartment number 302. [...]

Your website states:

"Winter campaign
Oslo Apartments welcomes the new year with a great offer. Stay 3 nights, pay just for 2 in the whole month of January."

It appears from my credit card statement I have been charged for 3 nights when I expected to be charged for 2, based on the price you quoted and the fact I stayed in January and qualified for your winter offer.

Can you please clarify?


From: Oslo Apartments [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Monday, 30 January 2017 11:13 PM
To: Ann
Subject: SV: Query about accommodation tariff and suggestion

Hi Ann,

Thank you for your email.

Regarding the winter campaign is this online only and not direct with us.

Normally you also only get this on some apartments and not all of them.

We will take the pounder issue up and maybe we can do something about this.

Wish you a good day further and most welcome back soon.

Best regards

Adrian Steindl

Oslo Apartments AS
Phone: +[protected] / +[protected]
Wergelandsveien 1- 0167 OSLO

From: Ann
Sent: Tuesday, 31 January 2017 2:28 PM
To: Oslo Apartments
Subject: RE: Query about accommodation tariff and suggestion

Dear Adrian

Thank you for your response and undertaking to review the matter. My expectation is that you would honour the offer; after all I did reserve my accommodation via your website and confirmed by email. [...] If it only applies to some apartments I respectfully suggest this should be clearly stated on the website.



NB. No response or refund has come in yet to this last email of 31st January

  • Updated by AnnElk, Feb 16, 2017

    The manager offered to refund me 50 percent of the third night. This amount has now appeared in my account and I accept the issue as resolved.

    with thanks,

Feb 3, 2017

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