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I had a student loan in collections, for a little over $1, 200. OSI contacted me and said if I get on their 9 month program (paying $50 a month), the loan will go back to the original creditor to repay the rest of the balance. And would be removed from my credit report.

Well, I did the 9 month program. Waiting to get a letter from the original creditor (WFS), I received a letter from another collection agency, ACS, wanting the balance in full!

I did look at the statement ACS mailed me, and low and behold, the $450 did not lower my overall balance! In fact, I just gave OSI $450 of my hard earned money!!

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  • La
      Nov 24, 2008

    YOUR FIRST MISTAKE - agreeing to anything with this bottomfeeder. NEVER NEGOTIATE WITH COLLECTIONS.
    EVERYTHING IN WRITING ALWAYS - LEARN YOUR RIGHTS - FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT. - they came back with another collection agency because they KNEW you did not know how to deal with them - consumer advocate website that specializes in the collections. See what Bud has to say about OSI. ACS is probably an affiliate of OSI

    Collection Agencies CANNOT REMOVE NEGATIVES FROM YOUR CREDIT REPORT - Any CA that tells you this is lying.

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