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This is about the service I recieved at Orchard supply I have been shopping at for 30 years. This is so bad you would think I made it up. But trust me it is true! On this past Sunday (4-1) I was to give a B day party for my 91 year old mom. She likes BBQ. I knew my old gas grill was worn out and dangerous. Iron inside rusted out. Sunday before (3-25) Orchard had a coupon fro a made in USA Huntington grill. I went on tues 3-27. they could not find any. Oh these are pre assembled. they could not find any even though computer said had two. I ran out of time. 1 hour plus, said i would come back next day, I did, after looking again oops we must be out.I suffer from a disability and needed to get home so said come back next day and get perhaps more expensive model. And man of my word I did. 2 hours to figure out the SKU and price of ones on floor. Way out of budget.. So they won and I bought a different product. Oh they did give me a small discount. Probably did not pay the fuel bill back and forth @ 4.45$ a gallon. Have a Big car v-8. So I bought a charbroil grill (more on this later) 79 dollars for the delever next day ha ha 10 miles? So I get a call same evening delivery windo is 8 to 12. ok still time to put together. when almost 12 get a callcan't find this one!!! Remember I am cleaning the house getting all to do ready. Finally I call store at almost 4 pm and ask if I get one or not ??? Oh yes we sending guys to ANOTHER store to get one!!! Why was this impossible at the very start?

So after dinner start putting together ( Charbroil) Please understand this kind of stuff is easy for me and I have proper tools.This charbroil 4 burner made in China has more packing the bbq edges where you could cut yourself. It said the fire box was two person job..I lifted one hand and aligned with other. At midnight I put it half assembled i garage. We had great bbq!! How? Filled old cast iron Brinkman with charcoal!! Rib so good! And also my brother who is an eenginer saw the new one and said pathetic design. cost more that on I wanted too! I see my family next week Have 2 U.C. Berkley Lawers in that group.


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