Ortho-White, Teeth whitening system / MISLEAD!

1 TX, United States

My 57 yr old mother is a 6th year stroke survivor which left her unable to do a variety of everyday things. Personal shopping is now one of her biggest obstacles! So, she has fallen into the oh-so-popular convenience of shopping ONLINE! As she recently reviewed her monthly bank statement, she immediately noticed a charge for $78.41 to ORTHO-WHITE. She became very upset and confused and quickly brought it to my attention. I have to assist her with her finances on occasion. She proceeded to explain the same story that everyone else seems to have been told, "Free 7 day trial, cancel within 30 days." Well...this was March 9th, her order came in around Feb 13th so I assumed it was fixable. W R O N G !!! I learned otherwise from my FIRST phone call, speaking to a young man with a robotic delivery, a snotty attitude & very broken English! He informed me that the 30 days began ON THE DAY THE ORDER WAS PLACED!!! What sort of sense does that make?!?! He refused to listen to any reason for the mistake of my mother and was clearly only repeating what his supervisor had trained him to say. "you're past the 30 day return period. there is nothing we
can do." After his 4th time repeating this, I just hung up! My husband stepped in after this took place!!! hahahahaha! Long call made short: 1st person he got repeated the same line of crap I got & then refused to let him speak to a supervisor. He was adamant and had to raise his voice before she complied. After 4-5 mins on hold, someone who 'claimed' to be a supervisor got on the line, only to tell him basically "tough luck sucka"! He even explained my mother's disability to them AGAIN but they had no remorse or considering any sort of exceptions in the matter as far as they were concerned. They also told him ...NO SIR, their answer/reply would NOT BE ANY DIFFERENT even when he threw out this 'what if' scenario: his 13 yr old daughter was goofing around on the computer & unknowingly ordered this product. Well, what's the damn point of asking your customers if they are over 18 in order to purchase this stupid product?!?!?!?! He soon hung up on that person as well.
ORTHO-WHITE IS A USELESS, UNETHICAL, MISLEADING, IRRESPONSIBLE, & SHAMEFUL BUSINESS! ALL WHO HAVE BEEN BURNED BY THIER SCAM SHOULD BE REFUNDED ALL MONIES LOST X 2!!! Needless to say, we gladly threw all of the products in the trash & made sure we were removed from their customer list. Also... they made my mother cry. Jerks!

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