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Oriental Martial Arts College / Scam service

1 1349 Brice Rd., Reynoldsburg, OH, United States Review updated:
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Like many people who are confused, hurt, and in shock about those who are in leadership.

My name is John Petway and I don't have anything to hide anymore. The president of Oriental Martial Arts College who is suppose set very fair and good example. My complaint is that he allowed anyone to come into the office and talk about another person without getting the other person into the office to fix the problem. Then kick them out of the school. That is what he did to me. He kick me out due to favorism of the other person. To this day I'm still confused about his leadership. He has always put me down for whatever the reasons are. Bad leadership equal bad school to being with. Don't go to this school. Everything they say about Master Choi is a lie. Trust me I know. I was a student of the school.

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  • Ci
      1st of Nov, 2008
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    I have to disagree with Mr. Petway's statements of this martial art school. I have been a member of the school for over a year and I love it and the people. The Kimoodo class has been very helpful to me since I have multiple degenerative discs in my back, scoliosis, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, along with other ailments. When I was not able to pay my tuition, Master Choi found a way for me to do work at the school in exchange for classes. John Petway had this same type of tuition.
    Two weeks ago I was very ill and did not have the money to get medicine. Master Choi gave me the money I needed.
    I have known Master Choi to be very caring and giving to others, he is open and is always available to help others with problems
    I know Jonhn Petway from OMAC and had thought him to be a very nice man. He did his work well and was always respectful to me, but with what others and especially the ladies have told me along with this review it makes me wonder what John is up to.

  • Do
      3rd of Nov, 2008
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    I am a member of the Brice Road branch of the Oriental Martial Arts College, and I work with Grandmaster Choi a lot in the school. He is always patient and fair with me, even when I make mistakes (and I have made some big ones). I have been taking classes from him for over a year in Kimoodo, which has improved my health immensely. Just the loss of 140 lbs has made a major difference in my life. Master Choi has had to correct me, cajole me, and keep me going at times. He has always been there for the students and his track record of successful students is impressive to say the least. He is running a business, and at times he has to be the businessman, but I have seen him bend over backwards to assist his students. I now work on his computers and electronics to pay for my classes.

    I know John Petway from the OMAC. John was on a work to study program, cleaning the Dojang and he did a very nice job cleaning. What happened between him and the ladies of the OMAC I have little knowledge of, but I do know these things are not pleasant and are always messy.

    If anyone would like to see one of the students (and GM Choi's son) doing an impressive demonstration, look at this:
    Oh, and John also has a comment on there.

  • De
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    Master Choi is an honorable man. He loves his students and is very passionate about the power martial arts has in ones life. He has the responsibility of making decisions that are beneficial to the school and all his students.

    Master Choi has taken many people in who have needed help including this John. Never has Master Choi disrespected anyone. He has disciplined all of his students at one point or another...some of us more than others...but he does it out of love and concern for all.

  • An
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    I don't know John Petway, but I know he is telling the truth about Master Choi. Master Choi should handle whatever happen with a student and someone else into his office at the same time. Clearly he didn't do that. He kick John out of the school instead . For what it's worth it sound like John had high love for Master Choi. So if Master Choi is loving and kind as everyone says he is. Then my question is why kick John out of the school after all the cleaning he did for Master Choi.

    Master Choi is a person who included by lies ... so he always accepts lies... It's very clear that Master Choi think that John is a problem for his school. In some part of the road he just did not like you. It happen to me similar in my case. They thought I stolen some gears and gloves and even vandalize the school on a sunday. The years past I found out that my teachers did not like me because I turn very popular in my school and I start teaching my kids in my house being just a red belt. He never talk to me about it just I was not welcome to the school no more, this tell us that life is not about being right or not or that people will believe in you. Life is about choices and we did a wrong choice by joining their school. Just keep going your way John and forget Mr.Choi. I bet you will find a better school a better teacher or another path in your life learn from this experience and John is very right to tell others so does not happen to them the same way.

  • Gi
      20th of Feb, 2010
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    This is John's wife and I know my husband very well. I've been married to him for 12 years and know that John will not lie when it comes down to trouble. First of all, John does not flirt on women as renaissance guy say. Second of all, John is into Martial Arts and does not have time for foolishness. He hated one woman at the school name Anna who claim that John like her, but that's not true at all. And for Debbie Grimes she kept coming over to our house not realizing I was home, but John never open the door. Third of all, I too work with John to help clean the school at 161 near Blockbuster for Mr. Choi. I've spoken to Mr. Choi to verify that John was telling the truth. This school fault John for no reasons. John does not need to be anyone else to speak his mind and no matter what he will stand on the truth. I have no choice but to agree with John about this school. This is not a good school if they are going to fault someone for telling the truth. Mr. Bill Wood and Mr. Ray S. were John's instructors and as far as I'm concerned, they never had a problem with John. So this renaissance guy needs to get his facts straight. Luckily for my husband, he moved on and became a 2nd Black Belt in Martial Arts at another school that saw John's true potenial. Today he teaches Martial Arts to many teens and adult alike and they all love him.

  • Ru
      13th of Dec, 2015
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    I think I familiar John Petway long ago. I once attend 161 - Blockbuster in 2004. I wore Black and White close Black Belt. At Blockbuster area, few you stop drama about students and Master Choi. Stop! Grow up! Master Choi and his wife are so nice. His wife is very sweet. I know Heath Watson, he drama, too and told Master Greg Baker about me. Students should shut their mouth and learn from class and goal the levels. Not matter what or who loyal for. Stop gossip. Oh please! SMH!

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