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Oridyne / Scam

1 United States

This business advertises nationwide in newspapers and operates a huge "work
at home" scam. I fell for this scam and ordered. These guys send out a
book, with names of random businesses in different areas of the US and then
say that these businesses need "at home" workers. You pay 83.95 for this
book. The reps promise you that all the businesses have been prescreened
and are looking for "at home" workers. In reality, they have not been
prescreened at all but the company covers themselves regarding this lie by
making a disclaimer that the book may not be up to date and they are not
responsible for people who are no longer on the list of available companies.

To add to this controversy, the company (orydyne or oridyne) then does not
identify itself in billing so you do not know who charged your credit card.
When i got my credit card statement I had no idea who had charged my card -
it was billed as ONL [protected] CA. This is actually a phone number. I
called the number and got an answering machine, again with no identifying
person or business, just a request to please leave a message. This scared
me as i thought someone had fraudulently used my credit card so i called my
credit card company right away to dispute the charge. I questioned my
credit card company on what they knew about the purchase and all they could
tell me was that it was some type of software. I knew that I had not
ordered or received any software so was even more concerned.

This whole cycle ended up being very upsetting because the company then
threatened to send me to collections for non-payment cause i had put forth
the dispute (even though i had already sent their product back. By the time
I sent the order back, I had remembered the order but thought it was
probably a mute point as i had already sent the product back AND my credit
card had been recredited so I did not see a problem. but the customer
service reps at Oridyne did not see it this way. Each and every one of them
got very forceful and threatening with me. I got a call from someone who
said they knew I had ordered cause I had been recorded and he admitted that
they had received the product back. This call came on April 4, 2006. I
then tried to call the company back and was treated extremely rudely by all
people i spoke with. Not one rep identified themselves by name and one even
lied to me about the spelling of the company when I said I was going to file
a report. She refused to give me the address or any information about the
company. When I asked to speak to a supervisor they refused. I spoke to 2
different females and one male. None of them would not listen to a word I
said about anything and just kept telling me the matter was being
investigated, they said this over and over and over, even when I told them I
was aware of everything and just wanted to straighten things out and make
sure I got my money back because I had already sent the product back AND it
was a fradulent and scam product. I told them I remembered the order, took
responsiblity for ordering and hoped that would end things but it did not.
Every rep I talked to acknowledged that they order had been received back by
the company. But in spite of this, I was told by all of them that I was
going under investigation and was threatened repeatedly. I had sent it
back because i realized that it was a scam as soon as I opened it, all that
was in the package was a thin book with a few business names and 3-4 of the
book dedicated to "how to call on businesses to get them to let you do data
entry at home for them" and what type of computer you will need for this and
what it will cost you to set up your business, etc. How it ended up was
that the supervisor finally called me back and told me that if I canceled
the dispute I would receive my refund. We will see. I did cancel the
dispute with my credit card company and now we will see if I actually get a

what this Oridyne Company had sent was not software, it was a book of
business names and how to call on them. In addition they did not identify
themselves in billing and I had no way of knowing that this was what had
been charged to the card without a proper name identifying the company.
They then attacked me for refuting the charge. These people prey on people
who already have no money and put them further into debt to line their own
pockets and are allowed to get away with it. There are a thousand schemes
like this and they should be illegal.


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