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Orginally Magnavox / Bad service

1 121 E. James WayCary, IL, United States

I want to start this new letter with thanking Viola at Circuit City corporate for calling us back so quickly in response to our mass email and on-line complaint. Viola seemed truly interested in helping us out but has no idea just how to get things done with all the other people working for your company that has no idea what is going on with your policies and procedures. I find it difficult to want to sit here at my computer yet again to explain to people just how bad your customer service department is as I am thoroughly exhausted by the whole bad experience you gave us. Let's see, where do I begin again? After Pete came back to fix the volume on our Magnavox (with a much nicer temperament) we noticed that our screen colors were messed up and pixilated. Pete ordered a new part, came after about three weeks time, replaced said part only to find the problem still existing. Oh yeah-did I mention that I requested two people come to my house so that my husband and I would not have to take the TV off the wall over and over again? Any guesses as to how my request was met? I was assured two servicemen but poor Pete just stared at me with blank eyes when I asked him where his partner was. Not really shocking to me, as your company communication skills are virtually non-existent. Anyway, back to our little tale- We finally decided we did not care anymore about having paid $250.00 for a warranty that isn't worth the paper it is printed on and called Viola for an exchange code. On November 26th our code was issued to us and since my husband was home from work early that day decided to go get a TV that actually worked so we could enjoy watching Shrek the Halls with the kids without straining our eyes. At 4:00 pm we walked into the Crystal Lake, IL. Circuit City and picked out a TV we liked; The LG 37". It was a beautiful TV and only $68.00 more of an upgrade. We get to the front desk to discover the store was out of stock. BUT! The McHenry store had one. We paid our $68 extra dollars in Crystal Lake and drove about 1/2 hour North to McHenry to pick up our new TV (incidentally, there were a few minor hiccups involved here but I do not have the energy or time to get into the whole mess). So, at about 6:00 we walked into the McHenry store to pick up our TV and guess what? NO 37" LG TV�s to be had in McHenry. At this point my husband who is normally a very gentle, quiet kind of guy gets loud. After several minutes Lee the store manager comes to help us out. Lee offers us a $200.00 discount on any TV that is in stock and he takes us to the floor and tells us all about 1080i's and 1080p's etc. etc. Much to my disappointment the LG 42" is still out of our price range (and out of stock anyway) and so we look at the Vizio 42" 1080p. With Lee's discount we would only have to fork up another $163.00 (for 10 more inches of TV!). Lee, being the nice guy he is, also throws in a universal remote control (he showed us how cool the remote is and how he has the very same and couldn't live without it) with a free installation by the Firedog people! So they make sure the TV�s in stock and after ONE HOUR of figuring out how to do the receipt we leave the store at 7:15 pm. We drive a half hour home and drag in our brand new TV (we just might make the viewing of Shrek the Halls after all, kids!) only to discover Lee sent us home with THE WRONG VIZIO (guess not, kids)! We got the 1080i NOT the 1080p with speaker attachment that we paid for. We call Lee (who was nice enough to give us his business card and assurances that he was there for us anytime) and guess what? Lee never picks up. We got to talk to all kinds of customer service reps at the store but apparently Lee was now too busy to deal with our (lack of) customer service issues. We then call the Crystal Lake store and they pull the right TV out for us and had it waiting for my husband when he pulled up (it is now 8:30pm). WHEW! I am exhausted writing this about you? You ok to go on with this letter? Ok, then. So-we have now paid an extra $231.00 to Circuit City and an additional $100.00 to Best Buy for the bigger TV wall mount. The TV looks great, it sounds great, and everything is great. Now we get to wait for the Firedog people to come with the remote control so that our whole nightmare with Circuit City will be forever over. Upon calling to make our appointment I made sure to tell Angela the rep at Firedog that they needed to bring the remote with them because Lee did not give us one upon leaving his store. Today, at 9:15 am the day after Christmas the Firedog kids arrive. I get not just ONE tech here to program our remote but TWO people!! Isn't that great? I didn't even have to ASK for two people. It must be pretty difficult to program a remote control if they automatically send two people for that but just one to take a 32" TV off the wall!!! So, moving on-I ask them if they remembered to bring the remote and guess what? They were told that I had the remote!! We look at my receipt and it shows the $129.99 installation fee but no remote. They said this was probably to install the remote that came with the TV. I had to laugh because they must think I would be in idiot to pay that kind of money to NOT look at the directions on our TV user manual. They call the store, the store calls Lee who says he will call me when he gets in and take care of the problem. It is now 5:50 pm and I am guessing Lee forgot about his obligation to call us. You know what; I don't care about the remote. I don't care about Circuit City but I am betting you, as employees, do. I have told pretty much everyone that I know about our troubles with your company but I let them decide if they want the aggravation or not. So-Unless I physically get a representative here at my home with my remote control and no extra charges then I will NEVER EVER EVER step foot anywhere near your stores again. I will cringe at the very site of your logo. I am sure this is not good news to you as it is YOUR job to serve your customers and it is YOUR job to communicate within the infrastructure of your company. Your current lack of communication to each other is laughable to the point of worrisome that a company of your stature could be so horrible in customer care. Let this second letter from me tell you that you have a seriously long way to go to clean up your problems.


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