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Organica Network / Deceptive advertising!

1 Fulfillment Center, HQ: 11701 East 53rd Avenue, Unit ADenver, CO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 303-565-4640

Guaranteed to lose you weight while you sleep. Boy that should have set off my 'This Is a Scam' warning bells guess they were broke that day. My family had been after me to lose weight for sometime so when i saw the advertisement i thought hey now that is something i 'CAN' stick to. So i went online and ordered the free (you only pay shipping and handling) trial bottle. Seemed easy enough fill out form wait 5-7 days and presto i can start my road to weight loss. YA Right!!

It took 2 weeks to get here and i had just about forgotten all about it. So as I'm on other medication i take the package to my doctor's office and ask if this would interfere with my regular medications. My doctor looks it over and says to send it back that it wouldn't be in my best interest to take them.

When i get home i call the customer service agent and explain that i was going to send the bottle back, the agent 'Philly' tells me that as it was only the trial bottle to keep it and that he was cancel my next order and boy was i in luck as it was going out in the mail in 3 days. He then proceeds to tell me how sorry he was that i didn't get the chance to even try it. As a 'Personal' user of the product himself he just loves the stuff and about how much weight he has lost to date and in so short of time too. 'Get Real'

Acting as if he has known me for some time he questions me about my friends and family. 'I mean it's a real shame that you can't use it but why not let someone else try it humm??' I said that i would think about it, NOT! And after getting his customer service code #422, i hang up with him.

A few days later I'm at my bank and can't figure out why there is $52.90 missing from my acct. causing a NSF bank charge on my acct. of $35. Knowing that i should have had money left i went home to go over all charges i had made that month, not finding the reason i call my bank and ask them to explain why, or how this had accrued.

I was told that a company by the name or 'Organica Network' had automatic withdraw that amount and in doing so it placed me in the red, hence the NSF charge. I ask if there was anything i could do as i had not authorized the transaction and how do i go about filing a fraud report. My bank then told me that i couldn't yet file as 'I' had not made an attempt to retrieve the funds and only after i did this could i file a report with them. He gave me this phone number [protected] and said to call them.

So i did. After weeks of not getting thru i finally reached a live person 'Sarie' I was given the runaround... first you have to call this number [protected] and get a code to put on the package when i got it, and to send it back to them only after they had it back would i get my full refund of $52.90 in the mean time if i needed anything i could speak to someone 24/7 online at and to click online help. From there i was told that they had still not received the product back and could not further help me to try back in 10 business days.

Well let's see I had ordered it in June 2007 turned around and mailed it back still June 2007 and it was now passing into September. I had enough i asked to speak to the supervisor over her. Get this she asked me why i needed to speak to anyone but her i said that in was no longer her concern and to get me her supervisor.

She told me 'NO' and Hung-up on me. I called right back and asked to speak with a supervisor about a rep hanging up on me. the operator said ok and i was soon talking to 'Karey rep #425' she asked what she could do i told her what had happened she looked up my account and told me that the rep was wrong and they had received it and i should see my money within the next 48 hours, and if i had any other problems to call her at [protected] it was her direct line and she would make sure nothing like that happened again.

I called my bank back and told them what was said and was told to call back after they said to keep them posted and that after the 48hr time if it wasn't there to call them back and we could then file the claim.

A week later i tried the [protected] number only to be told i had the wrong number. So i called [protected] number and got a recorded message that they were no longer taking calls at this number about disputes and to go to their website @ click on disputes and refunds fill out the form and i would receive my money within 15 to 20 business days. I thought I might have missed them as it was late and that there web address kept showing 'Failure Notice Unable to Locate Address Etc... Etc... Etc... So early Monday morning I tried again with the same results.

I called my bank up and explained what was going on only to be told that i should have filed my claim when it first happened and as i had waited so long they couldn't help me out in this matter, and was there anything else they could do for me. I said yes get me a supervisor, I had enough. They had told me to call back and they (my bank) would refund the NSF bank charge and file the claim for me so i could get a full refund. After talking myself blue and getting nowhere i hung-up figuring that i was now without that safety net and had no way to get my money back.

As we were getting ready for Christmas, I put off trying until after the holidays and so time past by with no results in sight. For months I have called all numbers at random just to see if i could get anyone but all i got was that recording go to their website.

For some reason I just had a feeling that i should try again today 3/2/08 and guess what they changed the recording and the web address to so after trying every web address with Organica Research in its name i came up with a big fat zero but by some luck i found this sight.

All I can say is that I hope someone starts a class action case against this company and others like it they should not be allowed to treat people like this and get away with it.


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