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I applied for a free trial of organa cleanse and organa slim products. In description it was told that all I have to pay was shipping price. I entered my credit card details and got charged for $3 as I was supposed to. But next month I noticed that they have charged my card one more time. Total charges are at $190 now. Had to cancel my card.


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  • Au
      29th of Apr, 2012

    Wouldn't it be much safer if the product was distributed in SA outlets and we buy it over the counter? That way one will know exactly what she paid for. With all these scams out there, it is scary to give out your banking details.make it a few exclusive outlets and advertise which ones. I am sure a lot of women especially would go for the product but are afraid of getting scammed.

    Audrey Mbatha.

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  • Ri
      2nd of May, 2012

    Give Banking Details and the money can be deposited into bank account. Please provide a contact number in South Africa.

    Rietha Bindeman

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  • Wi
      3rd of May, 2012

    Terms and Conditions??? tried to go in to it and geust what it took me straight to the advert again YES IT IS A SCAM dont buy the product people are very fast to say T & C but if the scammers dont want you to know they redirect your request. Tried to get the T & C via e-mail another shock my e-mail was deleted with out reading real smooth...There is no branch for Organa slim in SA just dont do it ... andmost of the people I have heard from using it got sick this makes me so ANGRY so ladies their is no instant cure just eat the right foods and go for a fast walk

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  • Sa
      3rd of May, 2012

    Just look at the before and now pictures of BLOM in the ad - EVERY THING from the neck up is 100% the same - these pictures have been doctored!!! Anyone believing this add AND still order the "miracle" cure, is bound for groendakkies. Please don't be fooled - look at ALL the facts. Prevention IS better than cure.

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  • Bo
      6th of May, 2012

    it's in their Tc& Cs that you have to contact them to return within 17 days if the pills are not working. if you don't, the assumption is that you are gonna keep them. they state clearly that should you not return the pills, they will charge you for it. they also say that you will be place on sort of like a subscription. read the fine print and ALL Ts&Cs of products you get online.

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  • Ce
      13th of May, 2012

    Check these links:

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  • Pe
      16th of May, 2012

    It would be great if this product could be distributed in S.A local outlets. I would love to order but will under no circumstances give out my banking details.

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  • No
      29th of May, 2012

    hey desperate i was to get slim i ordered and never got the goods but my credit card was invaded twice and lucky for me my money was replaced. Never ever make that mistake, there is no slimming faster here, lets jog ladies

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  • Ma
      1st of Jun, 2012

    Just saw the ad on Facebook, so clicked on it - read a review by a supposedly South African girl living in Cape Town, saw the photos taken over 4 week period and thought that if Organa Slim & Organa Cleanse were offereing a FREE TRIAL, then I would try it & see what results I would get after the 30 day FREE TRIAL period. What a SCAM! Their terms & conditions are only on the step 3 Payment for Shipping via Fedics & as I clicked on "PAY" button, I saw on the far left corner of the screen:- Offer details: By placing your order today, you"ll be shipped a 30 day supply of OrganaCleanse & Organa Slim & billed R50 for each to be shipped to you.If you feel Organa Cleanse is not for you, cancel within 26 days from today to avoid the purchase fee of R685 & R790 respectively, & enrollment in the Exclusive Organa Slim & Organa Cleanse AUTO-SHIPMENT PROGRAM which sends you a 1 month supply EVERY 30 days starting 30 days from delivery of this purchase plus shipping & handling fees - Well, I contacted the Fraud Division of my Bank & was informed that this Organa Slim/Organa Cleanse enterprise has been listed as a Fraudulent entity and they cancelled my card immediately! The R105 had already gone through as RMKR*mango N and RMKRafmsup N & they couldnn't stop the payment, but I have succeeded in stopping them from taking any further payments AUTOMATICALLY from me. CAN NO ONE STOP THESE PEOPLE FROM ADVERTISING ON FACEBOOK OR ON THE NET??A Free Trial should be exactly that, not a means to scam people!

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  • Ge
      2nd of Jun, 2012


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  • Ly
      8th of Jun, 2012

    Hi all
    Worst part of this is so many people are desperate to lose weight in the sam way the original Simply Slim made you lose weight. But though if you keep to a good eating program none of these miracles cures will work in anyway. I gained 3 times the weight back and i am only now, 2 years later starting to normally lose weight again. This is a huge problem for many people.

    This product contains illegal substances which means they wont make it past customs, but the company already has your money. They know this so they are fraudsters, and what makes it worse is that this gives obese people hope for miracle cures which would only damage their health. Yes mircale cures exsist at a very high cost and I dont mean financially. Eat healty and exercise - save money and your life.

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  • Sh
      3rd of Jul, 2012

    They charged me R1500 for this two products!! I am so mad!! Did you read the terms and conditions, Ma'am? ... no i did not, because they said its a free trail, just pay the shipping.

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  • Ga
      12th of Jul, 2012

    I ordered the FREE TRIAL ORGANA SLIM AND ORGANA CLEANSE PRODUCTS over the net. I was told that I will only be charged for the shipping fee of R50. I was charged two amounts of R864.54 for purchase @ Rmkr* I have not received the items to date. I was charged another amount of R890.87 for purchase for which I have not received any products. How do I go about STOPPING this FRAUDULANT TRANSACTIONS where the company gets richer and we get poorer an NO SO CALLED PRODUCTS delivered. I am in South Africa.

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  • Sh
      15th of Jul, 2012

    I got my money back! look on your order confirmation slip what customer email address do they give. Email them, they will send you back a email with a customer care telephone no in your country. Phone them and if they charged you before you got the products they will give back your money! It's unauthorized charges then. Hope you all get this done

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  • Ca
      19th of Jul, 2012

    Hi all - I'm also one of the fools who fell for this scam. My story is the same than all of yours. Ordered the trial packages of both Organa Slim & Organ Cleanse. Didn't receive any pills, & no notification from my bank via sms like I always do, when money are being deducted from my account. So I forgot about it. Just to get a shock last Saturday, getting a sms from my bank, that said R775.09 reserved for purchase @ Rmkrafmsupportcom! I then called my banks fraud division of my bank to stop it. Just to see on my statement a week later that they deducted it anyway. I phoned the bank to hear why they didn't stop it. As I phoned immediately after receiving the sms. They said sorry I provided my cc details so they cant do anything. This week I received 2 registered notifications @ my home, for international packages to be fetched at the postal office. So I got there just to be informed that I had to pay an extra R15 each to get the packages!!! And here I sit with this Organa slim & organa cleanse trial packages. And I to afraid to use it. How on dear earth could I have been so stupid!! I can kick myself. I had to cancel my cc card, that was what my bank advised, which I did, to prevent these sick money ruthless people from taking any more money from me. I really hope it does. I also have not received any other packages in the mail. Not that I want it any more. I would like to know Shakky what email you used. Can you please provide if possible please.? I'm also from SA Thanks Greetings

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  • Ca
      19th of Jul, 2012

    Hi I also came across this info from a website by the name of "Camcheck" Very good. Go check it out. The owners of this Organa slim plus apparently Be Trim as well and there's a lot of other hoax products as well, are a Sandy Britzz and Johan Britzz - they apparently live in 37 Sunset Ave., Llandudno - which is a very posh suburb in the Western Cape. Living the high life with our money. Go and see this website Camcheck under " weight loss" which is on the list on the right side and then just scroll down to Be trim/Organa slim. I am so furious. ### of this earth with which we can do without!!

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  • El
      8th of Aug, 2012

    I also feel victim to this scam. On 15 July they already deducted 2 payments (in total almost R1 800.00 (South Africa). My bank now wants proof that I cancelled the order at Organaslim, but I can't cancel because I can't get hold of them. I sent a mail to customer services, but to no avail.

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