Oregon Gooodwill / Store Manager Attitute

1 Grants Pass, OR, United States

I am a customer of the Goodwill in Grants Pass. I have on more than one occasion witnessed the manager Maria talking down to clients As if they were dumb, publicly ridiculing their work ethic in front of other people. These are training jobs. Goodwill doesn't give them jobs when their done, their concept is to make a person work somewhere else and then come back in 6 months. The manager is going to have to treat people nicer. I have seen her make scenes in front of people, in turn makes a client with problems already want to not show up and work. She never has anything nice to say about her employees. The employees walk on many egg shells around her. Its a training store full of used crap. If you don't like your job and you schmooze with the bosses, but are rude to your employees. YOU NEED OUT.

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