Oreck M800 Series Steemer UltraWarranty Problem


The cleaning solution holder never really held the bottle tight. I talked to 5 reps. and a supervisor at Oreck. I was advised that I could have the warranty service done locally. When I called the store they said that they would do the inspection but I would have to pay extra because Oreck only pays $8 for their service time.

I called Oreck and asked if they could send me the parts an I'd put them in myself. They told me I couldn't because I'm not a "Certified Oreck Technician". The closest service center that could fix the cleaner is 150 miles away.

Oreck said that they would fix it at their center in Tennessee but I have to pay for the boxing and shipping there. Since the unit is only 7 months old and they claim such quality equipment and charge such high prices, I expect them to pay shipping both ways.

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