Oreck Floor Care CenterBait and switch


The Eugene, Oregon Oreck Floor Care Center store sold a refurbished vacuum as a new one at the new price. They made NO indication it was a manufacturer refurbished unit (basic fraud bate and switch)They did not provide the same free"gifts' as advertised by Oreck. They claim to have sent a cannnister vacuum which was part of the sale package along with a cordless iron. The cannister vacuum never arrived. The iron never worked properly, leaking and not getting hot enough for steam in cordless mode. The rude store staff refused to honor the warranty, refused to assist in tracking the "lost??" cannister vacuum with it's shipper; or assist in any quality customer service oriented manner. One employee, after multiple calls, said "sounds like it's your problem not ours, stop calling us, call Oreck corporate. I did! Because it is a franchise store the Oreck corporation will essentially do nothing. The store not only sold a used/refurbished product; but has, by far, the worst customer service of any retail store or company ever. Requests to speak to managers (I'm 225 miles away, it was a phone order shipped to me) went unanswered.

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