order fullfilment center??? / charged account after cancelling product

On Aug. 1, 2009 I signed up for a trial offer for dental whitening called Dazzling White. I was to get a 10 day trial to decide if I wanted to continue with a membership. By the 9th day I still had not received the product and was worried that this company would try to scam me. I called the 1800 number on Aug.10, 2009 to cancel because I didn't want to be charged for something I had not tried yet. No one would answer the phone but I would get a recording saying, "Thank you for calling customer service please hold". Then the phone would hang up on me. I called off and on for hours that and finally gave up. When I received the product on Aug 14, 2009 I learned that I was not able to use the product because of a gum disease I have. I called the 1800 number right away to cancel any future orders on Aug. 14 2009 @3:30pm with a women named Lisa. She assured me that I would not be charged for anything. One week later received the product anyway and was charged $139.97 to my checking account. I called this company numerous times and was not able to get anyone. When I finally did get a person after days of calling and hours of being on hold the representative claimed she could not here me because of a bad connection and hung up on me. I called again and after sitting on hold for over 40min someone asked my name and number and told me I would get o call back from them, but never did. The next day I called again and after sitting on hold for 1hr I was finally able to speak to a rep and explain what happened to me but she just said that they don't give refunds and when I patiently and calmly tried to explain what happened she hung up on me. I believe this company has scammed me. What should I do?

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