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Norman's Orchids, also known as, really pulled one over
on this girl that just wanted to order an orchid for her Grandpa's
birthday. I gave myself ample delivery time in order to get the plant
there in time. Two weeks pass since my Grandpa's birthday and still
no response from him about receiving a beautiful orchid from me. When
I call and speak to their customer service rep, she
informs me that the order never shipped due to cold weather. What?!
Wouldn't you think that someone would have called or emailed me to
inform me that my order was not going to ship on time? Yeah, me too.
So I ask them to place the order on hold until I can figure what to
do. Later that day I get a shipping notification that my 2 week-late
orchid was shipping...after I asked them to put it on hold! When I
asked the CS Rep what happened, she explained that they had called
the shipping company and reversed the shipment to be returned to
them. I then asked them to ship the orchid complimentary and the girl
laughed at me! That's right...laughed. She gets back on the phone and
says that they cannot ship it for free and my order will be cancelled
and then hung up on me mid-sentence! Yep. I call back and then other
CS Rep does the same thing...hangs up on me after telling me that my
order has been cancelled. They did not resolve anything, nor did they
care whether or not I would be a return customer. They also did not
realize that every customer that has a good experience with a
company, doesn't really tell anyone about it, but a customer that has
a bad experience usually ends up telling at least 10 people and then
word gets out that the company sucks. Please save yourself a headache
and order your orchids elsewhere.


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