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1 930 Newark AveJersey City, NJ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (201) 876-5502

I want to report a moving company called “Orbit Van Lines” for their illegal practice of sales (Baiting and Switching).

Initial estimate made: Nov 12, 2008 (estimate sent to me in an email. Initial move date was set to be Nov 26, 2008) by Orbit. Down payment was made.
Final estimate made: Nov 25, 2008 (the move date was changed to Nov 27, 2008 without any known reason) by Orbit
Change of rate of cost: Nov 26, 2008 by Golden Hand (subcontracted by Orbit without my knowledge or consent)

The rate promised by Orbit: $.44/lb including fuel and services
The actual rate charged: $.75/lb plus %17 fuel charges (totals up to $.88/lb)

The estimated cost (by Orbit): $1386 for 3192 lbs
The actual total paid: $4780 for 4992 lbs
The cost that should have been charged me: $2168 for 4992 lbs
Total difference between the estimate and actual: $2612

A person from the moving company (Golden Hand moving), who I thought it would be someone FROM "Orbit" but turned out to be someone subcontracted BY "Orbit", called me at the night right before the moving day saying he would charge me $0.75 per pound of household goods plus 17% of total charge for the fuel cost. He basically pushed me to accept his offer; otherwise they wouldn’t move our goods. I kept on referring to Orbit’s estimate, but the person wouldn't even listen to me as he did nothing but kept on repeating his offer. He told me he got a phone call from Orbit, so it was obvious that Golden Hand was subcontracted by Orbit without my knowledge. It was about 7 o'clock at night so there was no way I could reach Orbit to talk about this issue. The moving date was Thanksgiving, so I could not reach Orbit on that day either. Orbit took a huge advantage of this. Since I had to be back to Virginia before Nov 30, I had no choice but to accept his offer. In short, they intentionally put me in a situation where I won’t have any options and then switch their offer on me. I should have been informed at least few days before that it would be someone not from Orbit that will be moving our goods so that I had chance to switch the moving company, but I wasn’t. Now, when I received Orbit's estimate and decided to accept their offer, it was totally based on Orbit’s ESTIMATE, not the charge rate offered by the person from Golden Hand.

The estimate Orbit sent me included cubic feet along with pounds and its estimated cost. For the estimated volume of 456 cf OR 3192 lbs, it would cost me $1, 386, but the person from Golden Hand moving told me it was flat WRONG and he wouldn’t do the work for that rate. Now, if they would subcontract someone, why would they pick one that wouldn't do the work for the rate that they offered to their customer? This is a flat out “Baiting and Switching”

Moreover, Orbit did not inform me about extra charges for some services. For example, there was a charge of $200 for the trip charge between Colorado Springs and Denver, which I had no clue why I should be charged since my request was from Colorado Springs to Woodbridge, VA. Also, there were fuel charges, packing and labor which I was not given any information on. I don’t understand why I wasn’t given all these information at least few days BEFORE the moving day so that I could do some of the stuff on my own rather than paying some one to do for high cost. I found out about all these information right on the moving date, which seemed totally unfair to me.

Lastly, their customer service lacked willingness to communicate with their customer. I have sent several emails and made a few phone calls, but have not been getting any responses what so ever. They may have acknowledged their mischief and that’s why they are avoiding me in hope to get away from their responsibilities.

As you can see, the difference between the estimate and actual charge is outrageous. I am now in a huge debt because the actual charge was way over my budget. This is so frustrating that I cannot even sleep at night and cannot concentrate at my work.

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      24th of Mar, 2009
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    ORBIT VAN LINES - Fraud, Theft
    Orbit Van Lines
    3714 Kennedy Blvd., Union City, NJ 07087
    Union City, Jersey City
    New Jersey
    United States
    Phone: 888-259-6616

    I made a very poor decision to use Orbit Van Lines for my move from Manhattan to Dallas in December 2008. Similar to other complaints I've read about Orbit, I was quoted one thing on the phone and shown/charged another, but only AFTER they loaded the truck. They tell you they'll unload the truck for several hundred dollars an hour if you're not happy with the new price. The original estimate was $1, 400. They told me it was $3, 500 after the truck was loaded. I "negotiated" that down to $2, 800 on the phone with Ray Bender. This amount was double the original quote; however, this isn't the full extent of the issue.

    One item was destroyed upon delivery and five items were not delivered at all. I sent a certified letter and emails with pictures, replacement quotes, everything required. Orbit moved during the time I sent the letter, so that was returned. Then I got good '0le Ray Bender on the phone again after a dozen calls, and he stonewalled further.

    So, it's 100 days since I put in the claim, and I just called again to find out Ray is gone. The girl who answered the phone took pity on me and under her breath said I should just sue because they'll never pay the claim, that they never pay claims, and that they move often due to the fraud they wreak on unsuspecting consumers.

    I will be initiating legal action against them and I suggest others who have been adversely affected do the same. That's the only way to show "Rami" or whomever the mysterious owner is that he cannot operate any longer in this manner. Small claims court is inexpensive for you and troublesome and costly for them. With a long history of shoddy business practices, they'll be closed down soon if enough people act.

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