Orangetta Kelly-Shellieorangetta kelly-shellie is not a good laundry manager at goodwill laundry

Orangetta Kelly-Shellie is not a good laundry manager, I worked in Goodwill Laundry from 2005 to 2006.What happened to me was I always brought my lunch with me and put it in the refrigerator at my job.Every time when it be break time my lunch be gone, Somebody always be taking my lunch!!! The black security guards be taking my lunch and the chinese/asian laundry co-workers be taking my lunch too.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Raleigh, NCOrangetta Kelly-Shellie and Jennifer Evancy sent me home, because I ate security guards lunch.After that day Orangetta Kelly-Shellie and Jennifer Evancy fired me from Goodwill Laundry in 2006, because I ate the security guards lunch!!! Orangetta Kelly-Shellie and Jennifer Evancy is bad for business and bad for Goodwill Laundry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!!! Stay away from them because they are bad for jobs and management!!!

Feb 08, 2017

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