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1 France Review updated:
Contact information: have now blocked my email address after I was the victim of scammers using my address as the return path for scam mails. I had no help from orange at the time - I was just told to change my password duhhhh! a lot of help when the mails were not coming from my account but my address was being forged. I did much research and managed to get the accounts being used blocked with no help from orange, and my reward? they block my mail account - happily I tokk a google mail address and had just about informed every one of my new address - nightmare when you bank etc on line.
I wouls sooo love to dump but have heard horror stories of people trying to cancell their acounts with them - has any one any experience of this?

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  • Br
      8th of Oct, 2008

    Hi, I just want to say how right you are concerning
    When the children here in France have their holidays and mostly at weekends I find they do not give me enough signal as I need it because I live in the country, so in retrospect I cannot go online. I have sent them a letter of recompensing or to increase the signal and they do not even have the decency to write in return, but still keep removing my 40Euros each month. If I could know of a decent server I would move tomorrow with them, so if you have any knowledge of a honest server please let me know, but please let me know if you have also received this email, and I like you am at my wits end!!!


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  • Br
      8th of Oct, 2008 - difficulty for being online

    Hi, I just want to say the amount of problems I have with
    Every time we have school holidays here and sometimes at weekends I find I only have approx 20% of online service and that is at night when nobody uses the PC for online. I find that as I live in the country my signal is greatly reduced down to the bare minimum which makes it in turn leaves me at my wits end, and although I am paying approx 40 Euros a month, which includes the telephone I cannot use that either at these times.
    I have written a letter to service complaints asking them for recompense or put the matter right, but they have not even acknowledged my registered letter. Now what do I do, take them to court or just terminate their service, and besides who do I go to.
    Please help me someone concerning this matter!!!Pleeeese

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  • St
      24th of Oct, 2008

    to all of you out there, you are quite right in your comments about orange's bad service, they should be reported to the EU august i signed up with orange for their internet service . the package i received was 30euros for internet unlimited, free telephone calls and free television. plus 3 euros for live box, plus abonnement. this was the offer they sold me on the telephone and because i was a new client i would receive the first three months for 19.99 a month. great i thought. the livebox arrived one week later. we duly plugged everything in and connected everything up. within three weeks internet finally arrived at livebox. great online. my 2gb broadband was no quicker than dial-up service. but we persevered, at least we now had internet. and we also eagerly awaited our free telephone calls, after another week the light came on for free telephone calls. we tested the line but couldn't receive any calls even with the 09 prefix.2 weeks later we received an online bill for 67euros from orange for the first two months, but we hadn't had internet for two months. they started my bill from the day that i rang them to sign up for internet. these monies they had already taken out of my account. imagine my surprise when the next day i received my france telecom bill for two months abonnement plus all my telephone calls which were supposed to be free. so i duly contacted orange ie, france telecom to ask them why these large bills. and why they were charging me 33euros a month instead of the agreed offer of 19.99 a month. they adamantly denied that there was any such offer at that time. i asked them had they recorded my original contract telephone call and also were they recording today's call, because if they weren't i at least were. so i had at least some sort of proof. they passed me to another department who then preceded to check the original recording and after some time apologised and agreed that i did have the offer of 19.99 for the first three months. they then agreed that they would reimburse all excess monies they had taken and the cost of my telephone calls. great problem solved, not so lucky i was then returned to the original operator who then proceeded to tell me that because i did not accept the free tv that came with the offer, that the offer still did not apply, ie. no refund of any sort and no free telephone calls but if i would like free telephone calls it would cost me another 10 euros a month. because of all that has gone on we feel that we have been conned by a large organisation, ie orange france telecom, because we do not speak perfect french although all recorded calls were spoken in English. we feel we are just one of a vast number of people who are being ripped off.
    hopefully one day they will get their comeuppance, sky or virgin might one day enter france and i feel millions would change.

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  • Ra
      20th of Nov, 2008

    My complaint is that I went to your new branch in honolulu, HI.
    an started to fill out my account on line, for a new account to open, an
    one of the managers came over to the computer on the other side and
    as soon as I had my important information typed in I heard a click on his side and my account information was gone. Now I am getting all these
    scaming messages on my e-mail from western union. I have called all my
    bankes to let them know, and my fico account agent. I wish you would look in to this for me and other people that mit have this problem.
    R.L. Whitehead

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  • Di
      29th of Jun, 2012

    Don't not use orange. I came to France and swapped my sim card. They told me it would activate in 3 hours. It never did. I returned to store and they said too bad. I said please give me a refund and they said no. So I was sold a product. It never worked and I get no resolution ot my money back for a product that never worked. Please be very aware

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  • Gd
      6th of Jul, 2012

    I live in France and i have lot of problems with Orange company also. Mainly because of incompetence and rudeness of the staff in they shops and especially phone hot line. Major mistake is to sign with them contract, when u sign it u can't terminate it until it will finish, or if you really want to do so, then u will need to pay them for the rest of the months of the contract u still have remained. Other option is to show 2month in advance your flight ticket and say that you'r leaving France to your own country and have no plans to come back and use their services in the future. Then they will cancel your contract and you will not receive any bills for the upcoming month.
    I had been surfing and saw lot of complains, here is one email, but it's for OrangeUK: executive.[protected], maybe french Orange have the same email, but written FR instead of UK.
    But honestly the best solution if you are in a big trouble with this company go to the lawyer who is protecting people and consumers rights, it's not that expensive and i think it's the best way to fix things with Orange in a professional and competent way.

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