Orangecustomer service

Is this really the only way I can complain about Orange France?
My complaint is the help line offered is is let's say a proverbial joke in regard to customer service.
1, Why are French people calling an English help line? Maybe the French service is even worse than this service?
2, Why after listening to a load of ... are you thrown out of the line because the support operators are all engaged? (Numerous times).
3, How come in 4 years the default wait time is 10 minutes, is no-one working on improving the service? Hate to think what the average wait time is on the French service lines.
4, Why do we have to listen to a lengthy 2-3 minute advisory for French customers on an English speaking support line? Would it not suffice to initiate the call with press 1 for English and 2 for French?
5, Where can One find the correct contact to make an official complaint? Maybe someone is praising the lack of complaints by not having offerring customers the opportunity to complain. Simply amazing!
6, The Operators are fine, but simply overloaded and lack patience, who wouldn´t be!

Mar 16, 2016

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