Orange County Register NewspaperOvercharges Not Refunded

My mother is 83, almost deaf and on a fixed income from social security and SDI of $900. She pays $800 for rent so I help her with the rest or her needs. She enjoys very little pleasures in life. The Orange County Register (OCR) newspaper was one of them. I never looked at her expenses because they are so few. That is until she told me that she was no longer getting the paper delivered but the charges are still showing up in her account.

She told me OCR raised her charges by $15 for delivery in September to $87.48. My sister called OCR and they agreed not to raise her charges for delivery. Her newspaper delivery stopped on October 4, 2014 so my mother and a friend went to the OCR office the next week and spoke to Yvette Arredondo. My mother was told she would get a refund and we are still waiting for it. OCR again deducted $77.76 from my mother's account on November 12, 2014 even though she has not been getting the paper since October 4, 2014. Since she cannot hear, she cannot call them on the phone. I am trying to help her resolve this so I submitted a formal complaint on January 20, 2015.

I asked for a refund, acknowledgement that the complaint had been formally filed and a formal explanation from management within the next 10 days. As of today there has been no response or acknowledgement.

While reviewing my mother's bank records, I noticed OCR had overcharged her in 2013 (charged her account twice on a billing cycle) and raised the charges by an average of 12% per year during the last 2 years and 25% in 2012.

I believe OCR is taking advantage of the fact she is a senior citizen with disabilities and unable to fight them. This is unconscionable

Feb 01, 2015

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