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1 Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
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The day after I moved to the Dominican Republic April 25, 2017 I went to the Orange Store in Puerto Plata. I wanted internet service to stream Netflix, use my MagicJack phone, connect my cell and laptop to WiFi. I signed a contract to receive 20 GB/128KB and received a modem that would allow me to do that. The only contract was for 18 mos. and required I pay $5, 846. DOP in cash. I went home and installed the modem only to find that the signal was not strong enough to do any of the things I needed it to do. The contract (in spanish) says that within 7 days you report any problems and they will try to rectify. I did go into the same store and explained to them my issues, I also gave them the numbers I was receiving from a speed test app that I have used for several months. These numbers were as low as .00Mbps and the highest was 4.89Mbps. They said they could not cancel the contract but that because I lived in a beach community outside Puerto Plata the signal would be poor. I said I wouldn't pay for a service I wasn't receiving and I wanted my money back. they said they would file a claim and I should be receiving a call that day or the next day. I asked for the number of the center that would be calling me in case they didn't call me. They gave me a phone number missing one digit. I went in 3 additional times, each time they filed a new claim and said someone would call me. I have also tried several times to contact the center that is to resolve this but after I am transferred 3-4 times they eventually hang up on me. I was suppose to hear from a supervisor today and they asked me to go into the office from the 6th time. I said they need to have the supervisor call me. I refused to pay the May payment but still haven't been able to talk to anyone with the knowledge or the authority to help me. They think it's funny because when I walk in they snicker at me. I don't know what else to do. I am very frustrated because they also told me they don't even have a technician to come and look at my modem and assist in getting a better signal. They want $2, 000 DOP per month for this service but they still have yet to give me the service I paid for. How do I resolve this and get someone to help me with this? I am ready to try Claro another internet provider here that everyone I talk to says has technicians, and also a toll free number to report problems unlike Orange.

May 15, 2017

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