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In October 2008 I signed up with Orange Broadband, and at the time they said it was Internet only.
In January 2009 I received a letter saying that they had also taken over my landline calls - I rang orange and told them that the landline was with BT and the account was under someone elses name. The Orange rep said that they would not charge me for landline calls.
In July 2009, I found that Orange Broadband had been taking monthly direct debits from my account. I cancelled my direct debit and put in a complaint to Orange escalaltions. Orange escalalations agreed to cancel the contract and transfer me to a Broadband only package. I am currently in the process of getting a refund from Orange for the charged landline calls as they did this without the landline owners permission who was also charged by BT during the same period.
In August 2009, Orange contacted me to say that I am still being charged for my landline calls and have an outstanding balance despite that they have agreed to cancel the contract in July. Their reason for this is that they were unable to return it back to BT. Orange are also refusing to disconnect the landline service until the outstanding balance is paid.
Do I need to pay for a service that was agreed by both parties to cancel?
And can I get a refund for the charged landline calls as Orange took over the landline without the BT account holders permission and despite my requests not too?


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      Oct 29, 2009

    I agree with your Orange broadband complaint this is disgusting and shows the lack of communication between orange broadband complaint and customer services. I left them too and went to 3 - not the best but defnitely not the worse like orange broadband!!! You should try CISAS to deal with the orange broadband complaint. check out

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