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Orange Homebroadband,
I am writing to complain for a second time. In July 2017, I cancelled my Orange Home Broadband contract through your escalations department with a representative called Catherine. This was done as I found out that Orange had taken over and were charging for landline calls without the account holder’s permission. Catherine agreed to cancel this Orange Home broadband contract and transfer me to a new contract.
Unfortunately, on 16 August I received a message from Orange collection s informing me that I had an outstanding balance for landline calls. After speaking to a collections representative I was told that these charges were from the date that the Orange Home Broadband contract was cancelled by Catherine.
Regarding my first complaint, I have been dealing with a representative called Aftab (Escalations) from whom I have been waiting for an email for 3 weeks and has not been received. From the week commencing 17 August, I have called Orange and spoken to numerous representatives telling them that I have not received Aftabs email and to have it resent to two email addresses to ensure it is received. This has still not been done, thus delaying resolution of my first complaint.
Further to my conversation with Aftab (Escalations) on 17/08/09 regarding this ongoing landline phone billing dispute with Orange Home Broadband, I will be grateful if you could answer the below questions and confirm the information that he gave to me during the call as I now intend to pursue this with Ofcom.
1. When I signed up for Orange Home Broadband in October 2017, I specifically told the Orange representative that I did not want to be charged for landline calls as I was not the BT account holder. Despite even my second request again in January 2017 to another Orange representative, I was still charged via monthly direct debit for landline calls. Who put in this request from Orange to BT? When was it made to BT? And what evidence do you have that this was authorised?
2. When I escalated this matter in July 2017 with Catherine (Escalations dpt.) it had been agreed that the Orange Home contract was cancelled. And that I was moved to a new Home Select Broadband only package. I was also informed by Orange on July 3rd that they would no longer charge me for landline calls! However, as I became aware of yesterday by Orange Collections (Karl/Carl) I am still being charged and have an outstanding balance owed for July/August 2017. Please explain why after cancelling a service/ending a contract with Orange in July am I still being charged until now?
3. You informed me yesterday that Orange spoke to BT in order to apparently return my landline back to BT. Who did this on Orange’s behalf? When was it done? And why did you believe that it was not necessary to inform me of the conclusion despite this matter being escalated?
4. When I requested you to cancel my landline service completely yesterday on several occasions during our conversation why was this request not fulfilled? Do I as a customer have no right to do this if I am with Orange?

As I am now playing the role of messenger between 3 organisations, I need this information from you sent to my Orange email address so I can forward it to Ofcom.
I am also writing to state that I am not prepared an outstanding balance for a service which:
1. Had the contract cancelled by mutual agreement from me and Orange escalations.
2. For a service that apparently in an email you confirm that had been returned to the previous service provider, but obviously hadn’t yet no one cared to inform me of the outcome.
3. For a service that was not requested in the first place and I was given false information on 2 occasions by 2 Orange representatives.

If this matter is not cleared within 12 weeks of my original complaint then I will pursue this with CISAS.

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  • Da
      Sep 19, 2008
    Orange Broadband - Poor service
    United Kingdom

    I made the serious mistake of subscribing to Orange Broadband for an 18-month contract. Everything is fine until something goes wrong and you end up talking to a call centre in India. They speak too fast, mispronounce words and it is extremely difficult to understand what they are saying. Frustrating beyond belief... A call which sould lasts two minutes lasts 10.They also have severe trouble if you ask follow-up questions. I was disconnected twice, once for 48 hours and the second time for six days. On getting through to the call centre, they insisted my router's settings were corrupted and tried to give me 10 (TEN) new settings. It was far too complicated and I rang off after five minutes. All I wanted them to do was test the connection, which they said they couldn't do unless the router's settings were reset. I knew this was all nonsense, which it was, as the router eventually started working again without new settings, which I had no idea how to input anyway. Orange - NEVER again !! I'm going to find an ISP with a UK call centre, whatever it costs !!

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