Oracle Palms Apartments / I will never stay at this hotel again nor would I recommend this to anyone

I checked in at the econolodge on Sept 2, 2012 at @ 10:30 pm in Evansville, Indiana 2508 Hwy 41north. I booked a room here because I was going to the casino in the area. I called before arrival and was given a different price upon arrival. But when I told the front desk that he quoted me a different price he immediately said oh ok it will be the price I told you on the phone. The next morning I arrived from the casino @ 7am and asked the same guy if I could check out at 12noon and he said it would be $20 extra, and I said, “no that’s ok” and then he said well how about $10 for 2 more hours and you can check out at 1pm instead. So I told him that would be great! So around 11am the cleaning personnel came and knocked on the door and asked if we were checking out and I said “no I already told the front desk that we weren’t leaving until 1pm” and she said ok. Then one minute later the phone rings and its the front desk (manager) says are you checking out and I said “no that I had already talked to the front desk” and he said well you need to come and sign and I said “for what you already have my card information all that I’m trying to do is get some sleep” and he got irrate and was like are you paying with a credit card or cash?. ” I said I will pay with cash when I check out at 1pm” and he said you have to come down and sign or you need to check out now. I said again “sir can I give you the money at check out time and he said no you can come and pay $20 and sign. I said “the guy at the front desk told me $10 for 2hrs until 1pm check out and he(manager) said or you can just check now at 11am, so I said “that’s fine I will check out then”. Then 2min later someone (staff)knocked on the door and said check is at 11am, and I told him “I’m leaving now” just as I was saying that the manager came to the door and said you need to check out now and I said “I am I’m trying to get my stuff”. So before we left I went to the front desk to tell him again what staff had told us about the 1pm check out for $10 and he said no check out is at 11am and if you stay until 12noon its $20. So he kept going back and forth with me so I asked him to speak to the owner and he stated that he was the owner, and pointed to where his card was. After arriving home I looked at the card and realized that it said general manager and not owner. The air conditioner in the room also never got cool, when we woke up we were drenched, and the room reaked, but that was the least of my concerns. I am so embarrassed and humiliated over $20 and not being able to get two more hours of sleep in peace. The manager/owner?, was so unprofessional and rude. I will never stay at this hotel again nor would I recommend this to anyone!


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