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Optusnet / Dial-up Internet service

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This is a copy of an email I sent to Optus which is supposed to be a reputable Australian telecommunications business. I followed the instructions for complaints on their website which was to send this email to the Optus support team to which I received an return email to contact them
via telephone to resolve the issue.

FUNNY, that's something I've been trying to do for a month now, as you will see when you read this email.

To whom it may concern,

Although this letter may fall upon deaf ears I hope someone with some influence reads it for this is a letter to notify you that I will never use any Optus service again and will advise my friends and family to do the same, and may post this letter on the web so others may read it also. I have never had so many problems with one company as I have had with Optusnet. In past years I have had issues with my telephone account and billing but this most recent problem takes the cake.

On the 5th of May 2006 I called to disconnect my dial-up service and was told since I already had paid for the month of may in advance that I would have access to the internet for the rest of the month and then it would be cancelled. I then replied that I had joined another provider for broadband access, so I wouldn't be using the dial-up account anyway, but OK and thank you.

Well on the 29th of May 2006 my bank account was direct debited $24.95 for the dial-up account I had cancelled on the 5th of May. Because I am on a low income and had already spent what money I had on rent and food and paying bills to other companies who's services I do use. This in turn OVERDREW my savings account and I was charged a $30 fee from my bank. So now my savings account was $54.95 in arrears. Which may not sound like much to the average person, but for me that's money I wont have to live on the following week (or weeks as the case turned out).

"Well Ok" I said to myself, "People make mistakes and I'll ring up and all this will be sorted out".

How wrong I was.

I called on the 6th of June, the day I realised all this had happened and was told "Sorry about that all we can do is refund the $24.95 but you'll have to see the bank about the $30". To which I replied "But if that money that should not have been taken out in the first place, hadn't been taken out, then my account would not have been overdrawn. That isn't the banks fault".
To which he replied "Ok if you send us a fax from the bank of your account statement showing that the optusnet payment overdrew your account then we will refund the $30 also".

So I proceeded to do so. Fax was sent that day on the 6th of June, I rang back when I got home and was told fax was received and I would receive a refund of $54.95 in 10 to 12 working days.
Great I thought sarcastically, 10 to 12 working days for money that shouldn't have been removed in the first place. But not much I could do about it but wait.

Well after those days had passed and I fell behind in other bills because of it, I still hadn't received my check. So I called again, and to my surprise was told that they had no record of receiving a fax from me and the refund hadn't even been processed yet and could I send the fax AGAIN. After explaining that I had no access to a fax machine and I had sent the fax on th 6th of June and even called to confirm it was received, I was told that the refund would be processed again and I should receive MY MONEY in another 6 working days.
Great I thought sarcastically again.
So another 6 WORKING days go by. I ring again, only to be told that my refund hadn't been processed yet again. But I should receive it in ANOTHER 10 working days.

Now this is OPTUS right. Not some small overseas rip off con company. What the hell is going on I WANT and I NEED MY MONEY BACK. For a mistake made by Optus I should not have to wait 1 day let alone 26 -
28 days.

I just hope another 10 working days don't go by again before I get my money back.

Signed and Irate, previous, never to be again Optus customer


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      15th of Dec, 2006
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    What the hell is wrong with the world today when such a small thing as refunding an obvious mistake becomes a nightmare of red-tape and [censored]? Do these companies not realize that "People Before Profits" will MAKE THEM MONEY with the good publicity and that they are losing hundreds of potential customers with this kind of disrespect towards the people that keep them in business? I am so very sorry for all the trouble that this faceless and "blameless" (note the sarcasm) institution has caused you and wish you all the best with your fight. Truly a fight is what it is, a fight for dignity and for respect, a fight that you should never have had to begin. Spread the word, let them feel the Power of the Individual voicing a justified roar of frustration. My account with Optus will be (hopefully) closed within the week and everyone at my place of work will be shown a copy of your story. "People Before Profits" needs to be the cornerstone of all customer related business dealings. Good luck and never stop expecting to be treated as an Individual.

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