Option One Plumbing / unable to clear line, upsell new sewer

1 Phoenix, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (800) 905-7115

I am writing this letter to complain regarding OPTION ONE plumbing.

Last week, on August 5th my sewer line was blocked with plant root growth. I called
my regular plumber, Jim Faller, to clean the line. He was not available to come out that day,
and recommended I call OPTION ONE.

OPTION ONE told me by phone that if there was not an access to the line, they would have to go through the vent on the roof, and that would be a $99 charge.

Andrew Barajas was the technician, and he was unable to clear the line. He called two other guys who “happened” to be nearby. They brought a camera, to take a picture inside the line (which I did not request). They “showed” me how I needed a new sewer line, and gave me a $1200 and a $5000 option to replace the sewer line. I paid $99, but the line was never cleared.

That evening, I saw Jim, and told him what had happened. He said, ”That’s ridiculous. I will come out and clear the line tomorrow. Call OPTION ONE and tell them you want a refund.” Jim himself called OPTION ONE and told them they needed to refund the money. The next day he SUCCESSFULLY CLEARED THE LINE. No problem.

I also spoke with one of my friends, Jan Ashford, who was a plumber in Phoenix for 35years. She told me I should ask for my money back, trying to sell me a major sewer repair was a common “upsell” many plumbers did.

August 6, I called OPTION ONE, and asked for a refund. I was informed that I had to
speak with Amy. I left my number with a request for Amy to call me.

August 7 or 8, I called again, and this time spoke directly with Amy. She was very
professional and apologized for not receiving the message to call me. I left the conversation with the understanding that I would receive a refund.

Sometime around this time the check I wrote to OPTION ONE cleared. I have called OPTION ONE several times, each time Amy is “not available’ and “she is the only one who
can help you or give you information.”

Today is August 13. I called again to find information regarding a refund. Amy is still “not available”. Someone else called to tell me that I should pay because they tried to clear the line, and gave me a “free” television view into the pipe (which I did not request). She also said that she was going to discuss options with her boss. This is NOT the state of business I was told
when I spoke with Amy last week.

So, as of today, it appears that OPTION ONE is not going to follow through with a refund. It is
hard for me to believe that a multi-state business has ONLY ONE COMPETENT
employee who can handle refunds.

During my very negative experience with OPTION ONE, I did not feel that any individual was dishonest, but that they were following manipulative and less-than-honest business practices set in place by management to increase profit without giving increased value to customers.

I would definitely NEVER call OPTION ONE again. Not only were they unable to clear my line,
but they appear to be a dishonest company.

Aug 13, 2014

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