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I bought military clothes from I placed the order 2 months ago, but still no delivery. The seller replied only twice and each time he promised to deliver ASAP. After that he stopped communication and contacted me recently and told that the order was sent. But it was lie and still no delivery and he again started to ignore me. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice?

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  • Ti
      Jan 22, 2015

    yes, Opsgear is a fraudulent company. They will play you along until it is too late to easily get a refund, then stonewall you. It is pretty clear that this is a standard tactic of theirs. they did the same to me. only advice I can give is; when a seller is saying something takes more than a month for ship a product, beware. best method of handling it is, cancel the order and get your money refunded, and get them to email you when they have the product in stock. if they dont do this, you know they were playing you.

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  • Ml
      Jun 13, 2015

    Wow your experience sounds just like mine. I ordered a pair of pants, the same evening I got an order confirmation and then a shipping confirmation. Shipping confirmation stated I would get tracking info. Well, the tracking info never came and the pants never came. They NEVER answer the phone, always goes to voice mail. I have called them 14 times and left messages. I never got a call. I have emailed Support and all the individuals like AMY listed on the their website for a total of 11 emails. Only once did I get a response. It was a generic message that said they were running behind and my order be sent right away. I am two weeks past that email and almost two months since ordering the pants and still don't have them. OPSGEAR is a terrible company. I would give them a 0 on a 1-10 scale for customer service.

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  • Ga
      Jul 25, 2017

    I stupidly recently ordered a pair of boots without first checking OPSGEAR reviews like these here, which seem to be 90% negative. My order went in a week ago & the only email I received was confirmation of my order & payment. Now, after at least 5 of my emails & phone calls, it seems they are on communications blackout. No return emails, & nobody ever answers the phone. They are truly thieves & should be shut down & arrested for their crimes. About both 1 & 2 years ago, I ordered some T-shirts from them with no problems. Apparently, this company has since gone straight to the gutter, robbing people of their hard earned bucks. I'm now out about 70 bucks, stolen from me by the thieves at OPSGEAR. DO NOT SHOP AT OPSGEAR!!

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  • Ne
      Feb 09, 2018
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    We (dp creations, llc — e. g. "dpcr") bought the opsgear trademark, opsgear copyrights, and the domain, and took possession of the domain late in 2017. we quickly closed the old site, but have now reopened, and are a totally different company. we are reorganizing *everything* pertaining to opsgear. for example, the old opsgear company drop shipped most of what they sold, and didn't actually stock much of contrast, we stock everything we sell, and have the fastest shipping in the industry. the downside is that we are still building our inventory, so there currently aren't as many sku's on our website as the former opsgear had. but we are adding more daily. also, we will soon be adding firearms to our website — that is an area where the old opsgear never went. we have a lot of experience in the firearms industry, having founded handgun haven (, which has the largest selection of *in store* handguns of anyone in utah. under dpcr, opsgear will thrive again, and there won't be the problems experienced by so many in the past. we ship on time, every time, within hours of you placing your order! we won't disappoint you — that is my personal pledge to you. nevin pratt, ceo of opsgear2

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  • Ne
      Feb 09, 2018

    I know this is an old thread, but I thought i'd tell everyone what has happened with opsgear. the old company effectively went out of business (no surprise, right?), but the brand has transitioned to a new company (mine) as of the latter part of 2017. I bought the opsgear trademark, the opsgear copyrights, and the opsgear internet domain, and a few other opsgear assets, and the opsgear brand is continuing under my company, which is dp creations, llc (dpcr).

    The old opsgear company operated on the drop ship contrast, I stock everything we sell — if anybody is in the salt lake city, utah area, i'd love to show you my operation (let me know by sending an email at the email address on our website). I have a number of companies under the dpcr umbrella, and we are known for the fastest shipping in the industry. for example, one of our companies is "handgun haven", and we stock (yes, in the store, and available to look at and handle) more handguns than anybody else in the state of utah, and we do so by a wide margin. and we have other companies. 

    With the old opsgear company, "in stock" meant that the latest data feed from their vendor showed that the vendor had it in stock. when the old opsgear would get an order, their software would automatically place the order with the vendor, and would automatically mark the order as "fulfilled", and then archive it. I think we would all agree that is not your (nor my) definition of "fulfilled".

    Often the vendor did not actually have it, and so it would get back ordered. and the old opsgear knew nothing about that.

    Not only that, sometimes the vendor would completely drop the ball on the order. and the old opsgear again knew nothing about that.

    When the old opsgear company would place the vendor order, the shipping method that you selected would also be forwarded to the vendor — usually in some sort of comment on the automated order form. but would the vendor actually honor the comment, and ship it that way? quite often, the answer was "no". and again, the old opsgear would know nothing about it.

    I hired one of the old customer service reps of the old opsgear company (joshua zeschke). joshua told me that when he first went to work for the old opsgear, he was completely overwhelmed with customer service issues. I think the "modus operandi" of most of the service reps at the old opsgear was to ignore the onslaught of issues, and just hope the vendors would ship as had been requested of them.

    I think we can all agree that is a horrible way to run a company. I personally feel it was pretty much a guarantee of failure.

    We (dpcr) do not operate that way. not even close. when you place an order with us, it (almost) always ships within hours. and in the rare case when it can't be, we refund the order immediately, and let you know why we cannot ship (website inventory record was wrong, or we deemed the product we pulled from the shelf was defective, or whatever). we do all this immediately.

    What i've told joshua is that it will *never* work for a company to add resources (people, time, money, and effort) in an attempt to clean the mud out of the bottom of a stream. a company must instead go to the top of the stream, and keep the mud from entering the stream in the first place. that's how we work, and as a result, we have *very* few customer service issues with *any* of our companies. and the ones that *do* pop up, we pounce on immediately, and get them immediately resolved.

    The downside of how we operate is that there obviously are not as many sku's (products) on our website as the old opsgear company fact, right now we only have about 1/8 as many. but we are adding products every day. and we stock what we sell. and we ship within hours.

    Folks, try opsgear again. we won't disappoint you.

    Nevin pratt
    Ceo of opsgear2

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  • Ma
      Apr 13, 2018

    The New Opsgear 2 is a huge disappointment. The inventory is minimal and the only thing that is fairly priced is the chinese garbage in the deals section (no, I don't need another bogus stamped metal credit card multi-tool). I gave up on Opsgear a few years ago and then tried with the new Opsgear 2. No thanks. Unfortunately Amazon has won me over.

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  • Ne
      Apr 13, 2018

    @MarkStaffer Hi Mark.

    You are correct that there are not as many SKU's. We aren't listing anything that is not sitting in our warehouse for immediate shipment. That alone is *really* different from the old OPSGEAR.

    The "deals" area that you mention is actually a liquidation area of the website. That stuff is being moved out at a steep discount, and will not be restocked. And yes, you are correct that it is mostly cheaper low-end stuff. These are things that were collected from the old OPSGEAR for a flat purchase fee. We didn't even know what was there until we started going through it.

    Things will change over time. Every week the site is better than the week before.

    At least now when anyone spends their money on the site, they get their order, and they get it *immediately*. No shortcuts for listing more SKU's is worth giving that up, in my opinion.

    Nevn Pratt, CEO

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