Opportunity KnauxCharged 49.95 but it is a scam

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I was charged 1.97 to mail this disc to me, and I did not realize that they would charge me 49.95 for the monthly fee before I got the disc and looked at the program. On my statement there is a phone number with the charge amount and when you call it it tells you to email [protected] for any complaints. I have written to them many times and I have not heard from them. I thought using the business name of microsoft I would be safe. Wait a minute, I got a call from a fellow that asked me if I wanted to be put on the fast track and to have a couch to prompt my every move. I told him no and that I wanted a refund. I am 63 and on a fixed income. Please don't rip me off!

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  • El
      Nov 10, 2008
    Opportunity Knaux - SCAMMED
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I bought the trial program, and I didn't receive the CD until two weeks later, when I put it in I realized it was a scam and I tried to call the girl back that called me to site up my so-called web site, but to no avail. Then one night this guy calls and tells me to go to the web site, [protected] So I did, and it doesn't exist. I then get my cc bill and its already on there. so I called them and they are gona check into it for me, but I need to provide proof, well guess what, they never sent me a confirmation page either, which I didn't catch until now. So whether or not they will reverse the charges, I don't know. But I am going to email them these pages. But if anyone knows who we can contact or how, I will gladly help out. Please feel free to let me know, but you'll need to give me a clue its you or I won't open the email. I will post any results I get. I also had to put a block on them continuing to charge since it is a month-to-month so called membership. Call your banks you may have to close your account, because you gave them permission one time, that was all they needed.

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  • To
      Nov 18, 2008

    Well microsoft cash thought they had me but thanks to my bank i stopped them before they got all of my money. They are a big fat scam, may God have revengence on you for all the people you (microsoft cash) takes advantage of in these hard times . For Gods revenge on such is more punishable than anything I could ever do in court. I pray for their souls, a theif is as bad as a murder, if not worse. Stealing money in this bad economy is not a good idea, loss of money causes people to do regretful things, especially when the jobs are scarce. If this is posted thier complaint email is : [protected] for all those who would like to flood their email.

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  • Je
      Nov 29, 2008
    Opportunity Knaux - This is a scam
    3575N 100E Ste125
    United States
    Phone: None

    recieved un solicited e-mail for work from home. To get info it would cost $ 1.97. Then when printing out info about Transaction saw that after 10 days I would be charged $ 49.95 per month if not canceled. I tried then November9, 2008 to cancel. Cannont find a phone # or until Nov.28, 2008 the above address when I finally recieved a disk. I have already been charged $1.97, plus49.95
    This is a total scam. How, where can I get help with this?

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  • Tr
      Dec 15, 2008 is the correct web address. I have the cd and it really looks legit

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