opening of a bank account / theft !!!

1 124 BAKER STREET, LONDON, W1U 6TY,, London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom
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Phone: +44.207.935.5171

My name is Yoko Ninja (Japan) and I asked Ekaterina Ostapchuk to open me a Bank account in UK.
I send here the notarized copies of all my documents. However, Ekaterina Ostapchuk, didn't like to believe that my name is indeed Ninja and asked me to send here my original passport.. Of course, I didn't do this !!! Three months later, I was in London and I wrote here that I can show here my original passport. This is what I did in here office. He told me that the passport is certainly falsified,
made copies of ALL pages and told that will send this to the police. I paid here before 400 pound for the opening of the bank account and I asked here to reimburse me this. She answered that now I'm a suspect person, that she will not discussed with me any opening of the bank account and will not reimburse my money. That's all. CODDAN = the worse company in UK !!!

Feb 27, 2013

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