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Oofay-wow gold / scammed my money for wow gold

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Ok, so me and my buddy are playing WoW and we decide to buy some gold because we need some. So, I go onto google and type in wow gold. I saw $5 for 10, 000 WoW gold, which is false advertisement for one and is illegal. So Im ordering the gold and I get my reciept and the phone call from them and as Im looking at the reciept, I see that instead of ordering from Dethecus on Horde (which is what I put in) it says Aegwynn on Alliance. I went back and looked at there site and tried it out looking at it I saw that even if you put your side and what server your on it syas on Aegwynn on Alliance. So, two hours goes by and I dont have my gold yet, and they promise do deliver it within 10-60 minutes. I go on their site and talk to live chat. There grammar is so horrible it is equivalent to a middle schooler that has poor english typing skills. Instead of "your" they type "ur". They also kept telling me that they had a problem with Paypal and getting my money and that they wanted a picture of my bank card. Well, I had the online reciept and I looked at my bank statement and sure enough it says that $29.55 has been taken out of my account so they obviously are lying. And why would they need a picture of my bank card? I gave them my credit card number and security code and they keep lying to me. And I know they did not have problems or need a picture of it because I ordered from another site and they had no problems whatsoever, got my gold to me within an hour and everything was fine. But still, and I have been tlaking to the same person I assume for over 3 weeks now and she keeps telling me that she will let her manager know. Well, I really dont like being ripped off like this so I am filing a complaint and letting everyone know that Oofay is a cheap-ripoff company that only steals your money and lies. So do not buy ANYTHING from them.


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D  13th of Feb, 2009 by 
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well, i am a major customer with oofay .com . they are very friendly to me, also i can get my order very soon everytime .
yep, if you are not smart enough then you will make mistake when you place order, because they site is kind of cool .

i made that mistake like you before, but they sent me e-mail and fixed my order after confirmation . i think every company need your information if you are under 18 years old or you are not so trustworthy .

Anyway, according to my experience, i am not going to change my co-operation with oofay.com, i can not give up my bonus and good service :D
N  13th of Feb, 2009 by 
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what's up? WWW.OOFAY.COM IS COOL.i always order gold on oofay. they offer the best service as i have ever had. they can delivere my gold within 30 minutes. i will recommend oofay to all my friends.
N  13th of Feb, 2009 by 
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oh my poor buddy ! .Don't complain without good cause.i think oofay service is excellent :) . I use their service all the time . Yes, they cant deliver the gold to me immediately sometimes, but they also tell me in advance . i think you need not angry about that . Compared to other gold company, i prefer oofay. maybe i am used to be .
N  13th of Feb, 2009 by 
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i understand how you feel. as it's your first time to place an order, the confirmation process is necessary. it happened to me as well . but later i got all of my 5000g from oofay.com. and from then on, i become the repeated customer of oofay since they can always complete most of my orders in time without comfirmation process any more. althought sometimes because of the shortage or something like things happened, delay of gold delivery is unavoidable, i still choose oofay.com, enjoying their remarkable service.
D  14th of Feb, 2009 by 
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i dont think so . they also asked me to send a picture of my credit card to them, but i can block the number . i know it is just for the safety of my card . u know, many people stolen others card to do many things, so i think i can unerstand it. i sent my card to them, and then i got my 10k wow gold within half an hour . bingo~~~
N  6th of Aug, 2009 by 
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D  28th of Apr, 2010 by 
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I play WoW on a regular basis. I farm and level my own tunes. Buying gold is against WoW and Blizzard's "fair play" policy and can get you banned permanently from the game. Power-leveling companies use bots and steal game resources making farming, for those of us who actually do it, take twice as long. I'm very happy you got scammed, you deserve it for cheating!

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